Presentations 2020

Evgeniy Romanenko

  • The host at iTuber channel on YouTube;
  • the author of 3000 interviews that gathered 20 mn views on YouTube;
  • #1 moderator of crypto events in the CIS: 42 events in 13 cities, 6 countries
Roman Bout
CEO/Founder at Quints

  • Roman has over 10 years of experience in the online gambling industry.

  • He has worked with the largest regional operators: Pari-Match, MSL and UB Gaming.

  • In 2018, he founded Quints

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Nikola Minkov
Founder & CEO

About the speaker:

  • experienced CEO with a rich history in the marketing and advertising sector;
  • has completed more than 700 SEO projects all over the world since 2012;
  • in 2018, Idea Studio
Yaraslau Kot

About the speaker:

  • PhD, MBA, MPsych;

  • developer and researcher of games with more than 25 years of experience;

  • co-owner and legal partner at Business Advisers – Law & Tax Firm;

Levon Nikoghosyan

About the speaker: 

  • has dignified experience in the gaming industry, especially in affiliate programs and agent systems;
  • worked with the largest gaming operators in every continent, examinin
Giorgi Gvenetadze
Head of Acquisition

About the speaker:

  • 5-year experience in gambling marketing;

  • has been promoting more than 500 various products, including the development of marketing strategies;

  • has been a busine

Alexey Trudov
Chief Marketing Officer

About the speaker:

  • expert in website promotion;
  • author of many researches on search algorithms and methods of SEO automation;
  • maintains a popular blog about online marketing: alexeytrudov.c
Lavrenty Gubin
Marketing and Public Relations Director

About the speaker: 

  • started working in gambling business since 2004;

  • has been a PR Manager at Storm International;

  • since 2011, has been a Media Relations Director at DIXY, one of

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Danil Fokin

About the speaker:  

  • at the end of 2018, joined CPA network as a Sales Manager;
  • became a Head of the Sales department in half a year;
  • currently is a CEO at and the
Oleksandr Yakovliev
Head of VIP department

About the speaker: 

  • has been working in sales and remote client support since 2010;
  • has experience in leading sales representatives teams;
  • team motivation specialist in reaching business go
Inna Babich
Co-owner at Gagarin.Partners

Speaker started working at Pokerdom in 2015 as a content manager and in 4 years moved to the position of SXO.

The range of her responsibilities included leading the front office, the affiliat

Nik Rudenko

About the speaker: 

  • 11 years of Sportsbook & Gambling experience;
  • Chief Marketing Officer at Favbet / Favorit Sport. Head of Product Line;
  • develops standalone gambling projects in Europe an
Tamara Babits
Deputy Chief Marketing Officer

About the speaker: 

  • marketing specialist;
  • worked her way from SEO Poker Manager to Senior Marketing Manager at Leon International Limited;
  • Former Head of Marketing at BAUMBET LTD;
  • has been
Igor Komarenko
Chief Marketing Officer

Vitaliy Sitovskiy

About the speaker:

  • digital consultant, expert in traffic arbitrage;
  • 6 years of experience in the digital sector, with 3 years in arbitrage;
  • has been a PPC Team Lead at the performance marke
Ilya Kononovich
Affiliate Director

About the speaker:  

  • 2 years of experience in affiliate marketing;
  • began his career as an arbitrage specialist at Zorka.Mobi agency, moving his ways up to the position of the Head of Zorka.N
Ekaterina Bogatova

About the speaker:

  • international law expert;

  • lawyer at Law & Trust International;

  • specializes on IP, personal data protection, GDPR;

  • deals with licensing of the gambling and

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Maryna Martynenko
Head of HR

About the speaker:  

  • has been focusing on HR and recruitment at international companies engaged in IT, FinTech, petrochemistry, and energetics for more than 10 years;
  • has 5 years of recruitm