We Have Ambitious Plans for the Years Ahead - Head of Acquisition at Adjarabet Giorgi Gvenetadze

We Have Ambitious Plans for the Years Ahead - Head of Acquisition at Adjarabet Giorgi Gvenetadze

Giorgi Gvenetadze joined the gambling business thanks to his willingness to develop, accept new challenges, realize himself professionally, and get pleasure from work. He changed two executive positions at Europebet and holds already the third position at Adjarabet, the leading Georgian online casino.

Today Giorgi is the Head of Acquisition at Adjarabet. We talked to him about the operation of Adjarabet, as well as difficulties and victories on his career path.

“At some point, I lacked adrenaline and new opportunities”

Before I came into the gambling business, I was the Head of Marketing in the Ministry of Justice of Georgia. It was the time of quick growth and learning, my colleagues were great professionals.

In several years, I reached the glass ceiling. In the state sector, you reach the growth ceiling sooner or later and have to change your occupation. At that time, I needed adrenaline, dynamics. The gambling industry was an ideal match for me. I sent my CV to almost all Georgian gambling companies.

Soon I got a call from Europebet (now a part of Betsson Group). They were looking for the Head of Product Development Department. I had a number of meetings with the management and I was accepted. In some time, my duties changed, I was appointed as the Head of Business Development. My tasks were the coordination of different units of the department and planning, and my team was made of over 200 people.

“I was dealing with the issues of marketing and bringing adjarabet.am to the Armenian market”

Once, the human resources department of Adjarabet contacted me and I was invited to a meeting with the company’s CEO. I was offered to work as the Head of Casino Marketing at adjarabet.com casino. I accepted the offer and focused on marketing. At that time, the brand was entering the market of Armenia.

I obtained a colossal experience. We had to launch all the processes from scratch. We were new in the market, so communication strategies and information channel management were an important part of our work.

Afterward, I moved on to the position of the Head of Product Marketing, leading the whole team of highly qualified specialists, each of whom was responsible for a particular product. The goal was to satisfy business needs through marketing activity, making it more efficient.

Since the last November, I have been the Head of Acquisition at Adjarabet. The range of my responsibilities involves the development of the overall customer acquisition strategy in correspondence with different market strategies, as well as setting up, launching, monitoring, and optimizing customer acquisition campaigns.

“We had a hard time, working day and night with breaks for some sleep”

Over the time of our work, we accumulated an interesting collection of case studies. One of them was the launch of the Aviator game created especially for Adjarabet. It was something absolutely new for us. We set up several workgroups, collected statistics, and developed an almost ideal marketing strategy. Those were the days when we lived at work, giving one hundred percent. When we finished our work, we rolled out the product in the Georgian gambling market, which became very popular.

“My previous department ran over 500 advertising campaigns”

I have been working at Adjarabet for four years. The company has grown and become a part of Paddy Power Betfair. When I was the head of marketing, our department consisted of 50 people (I started with a team of 15 employees). Every project was a challenge to test our skills and we were doing our best.

Over 500 advertising campaigns were run under my guidance. All of them were developed according to an individual action plan. As a rule, we were working at an intense pace, with strict deadlines. Thanks to that experience, we developed such skills as flexibility, time management, mental processing, etc.

“We have some worthy practices, which we can share with Paddy Power Betfair Group”

The deal with Paddy Power Betfair Group was signed last year. Although it is still early to draw conclusions, we can already talk about the improvement of the operational part. We pay more attention to the strategy and long-term prospects. Besides, I can confidently say that Adjarabet has the skills and experience that we will gladly share.

“My ambitions coincide with the philosophy of Adjarabet”

I do things that inspire me and make money by that – this is what I call happiness. Overall, I am keen on gambling. After we won the Cannes Lions Georgia, many international companies contacted me.

Currently, I love being a part of Adjarabet. We have ambitious plans for the years ahead, meaning that we will have to work a lot.

On March 5, Giorgi will act as an expert at the panel discussion of MiAC 2020.

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