Tips for Webmasters: 10+ Efficient Tools for Successful Operation

Tips for Webmasters: 10+ Efficient Tools for Successful Operation

Currently, successful webmasters should not only be able to create and maintain websites. They have to be multi-discipline specialists with knowledge and skills in many areas. To perform their duties efficiently, professionals require special tools. Our review describes services that can be useful to webmasters.

What abilities should webmasters have?

Webmasters mean specialists focusing on the development, advancement, and maintenance of websites. At the same time, they can be responsible for obligations of programmers, web designers, HTML coders, content managers, SEO experts, marketers, etc. Therefore, they should be competent in different areas and know how to apply tools for servicing and promoting online resources.

Besides, website or blog owners are also referred to webmasters. They are engaged in both online platform maintenance and its monetization. Such pros gain income by participating in affiliate programs as well as placing banner, contextual, and teaser advertising.

Core skills of webmasters include:

  • knowledge of HyperText Markup Language (HTML);
  • Java, PHP, and Perl language proficiency;
  • understanding of SQL basics to create, upgrade, and control data;
  • knowledge of web design and website structure building;
  • hosting service proficiency;
  • understanding of the server setting and database organization concept;
  • the ability to work in graphics editors and create high-quality content;
  • understanding of website SEO patterns;
  • marketing knowledge etc.

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Useful tools for webmasters

Let’s examine the list of tools allowing webmasters to solve various tasks.

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Website builders

The easiest way to develop a website, a landing page, or a blog is to design it using specialized services. Nowadays, there are dozens of platforms for prompt development of online resources: uCoz, Wix, Ucraft, uKit, 1C-UMI, and so on.

Google Analytics

It is a free service for online platform traffic analytics. Google Analytics provides webmasters with information about user actions on the website. Moreover, this tool helps to collect data on how users enter the platform, where they are, how much time they spend on the platform, what pages visit, and what actions conduct. The service is able to collect conversion statistics as well as analyze marketing and advertising efficiency.

Google Search Console

A free service where webmasters can control the website performance in Google search results. It allows online resource maintenance and promotion experts to solve the following objectives:

  • determine whether Google can find and scan a website;
  • detect indexing issues;
  • assess search system traffic;
  • determine what online resources external links are placed on, etc..


A specialized service offering the set of tools aimed at tracking and analyzing indexing of webpages, website positions in search, and its technical condition.

Yandex.Webmaster is able to:

  • monitor user searches statistics;
  • diagnose technical errors and solve basic problems on the platform;
  • detect website security threats;
  • control how correctly the website is displayed on mobile devices;
  • manage the online platform structure;
  • track internal and external website links;
  • determine the pages unseen for various reasons by Yandex indexing robot, and so on.

To start using Yandex.Webmaster, you should register a user account in Yandex, enter the website management page, and add your resource there.


Yandex.Metrika is a free service designed to analyze user behavior, track traffic resources, and estimate advertising efficiency. To use it, webmasters should set the JS code on the website. Afterwards, the system will record every visit and collect user action data.

In particular, Yandex.Metrika provides webmasters with website traffic statistics. The service can figure out traffic sources and user interaction with content. Moreover, the system is able to measure conversion, carry out the demographic analysis, detect how users interact with content, and what devices and PCs they use. Based on collected data, the service generates statistical reports.

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Ahrefs is a SEO tool allowing to analyze competitors’ resources, keywords, back references, and content, as well as identify website positions in the search results at certain requests.

Due to this service, webmasters can define keywords used by third-party resources to obtain search engine traffic, identify the most popular content, find and analyze backlinks. Ahrefs is a good assistant in specifying keywords to draw up a semantic kernel and promote the website.


It is a mobile ad monitoring service. It helps to analyze and assess the potential of existing advertising approaches and strategies applied in numerous niches. Such monitoring allows to recognize the best ads options as well as establish the most appropriate season and time framework for launching your own advertising campaign.


A tool for combating ad blockers. It helps to figure out how many website users utilize similar software and block ads placed on the website.


BrowserStack is a platform for testing the website cross-browser compatibility. It helps to see real-time how the online resource will be displayed on devices with different operating systems and in various browsers.

Font Awesome

Font Awesome is a free service with several hundreds of vector icons that can be added to any webpage elements. Interface graphical elements include text symbols, thus their style properties can be changed. For example, you can correct the icon color, change its size, or make it animated.


It is a VPN service allowing to provide confidential online operations. It guarantees safe data transmission as well as virus and spam protection. This tool will allow you to keep a close watch on competitors’ actions, preserving your incognito.

Online tools for a narrow group of goals and platforms where you will be able to check the website loading speed for free. a platform allowing to verify the availability of the resource in different countries.

RapidTables: a platform for creating HTML tables. a service for viewing НТТР headlines.

PageSpeed Insights: an online tool for checking the website loading speed on various devices with tips on improving this factor. a virtual text editor that can be useful in context creation. It saves typed text even when the browser is closed.

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