Who Is a Webmaster? Profession and Earning Basics

Who Is a Webmaster? Profession and Earning Basics

A webmaster is a person engaged in the development and maintenance of websites, in particular, their content and updates. How do these professionals earn and what skills should they have?

Who is a webmaster? Specialty basics

The webmaster is a relatively new profession. It appeared in 1992. Due to the rapid growth of the Internet, this kind of activity became popular and lucrative pretty fast. Webmasters develop, administer, and maintain websites.

To become a webmaster, you should be familiar with many things and explore the skills of different occupations: designers, programmers, content managers, etc. The wider list of webmaster skills, the more in-demand and high-paid their work.

Webmasters’ obligations include server settings, website development, interface design, slicing and editing of resource pages, SEO, content publication and update, website promotion, and so on. Webmasters vary based on operation features and focus areas.

  • Hired experts engaged in websites and landing pages, providing their services to certain consumers.
  • Freelancer resource owners who develop websites and monetize traffic using advertising.

The two employment types can be combined successfully. In the first case, specialists receive a salary from employers: a website owner or a company where they work. In the second case, they work for themselves, building a network of Internet resources, filling and promoting it, as well as earning on affiliate programs.

Differences between webmasters and arbitrage specialists

Webmasters are frequently confused with arbitrage experts: this is because these specialists use similar ways of profit-making. Both professionals make a profit on cooperation with affiliate networks and programs.

However, unlike webmasters, arbitrage specialists buy and resell traffic at a higher price. These specialists do not create and promote their own websites to gain income from goods marketing and visitor redirection. They use third-party resources for these purposes.

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Webmaster skills

Webmasters’ revenues affect the quality of website operations and promotion. Qualified specialists earn up to several thousands of dollars per month: to enter this profit level, you should have a whole range of skills and knowledge.

Such a list is quite comprehensive:

  • knowledge of JavaScript, Java, РНР, and other programming languages;
  • HTML and CSS proficiency for website coding;
  • basic knowledge of graphics programs;
  • the ability to administer websites;
  • skills of online resource architecture building;
  • understanding of the promotional marketing concept;
  • SEO framework proficiency;
  • experience in visual and text content creation.

Websites should not necessarily be able to do everything at once. At certain stages, you reassign the obligations to other professionals: test writing to copywriters, optimization to SEO experts, graphics design to designers.

As to personal qualities, webmasters require diligence, learning capability, and proficiency in processing a great deal of information.

How do webmasters earn?

Full-time specialists get a salary for performing a range of duties specified by the labor contract. Despite the fact that the profession is about 30 years old, it is considered unofficial, thus its requirements can be different.

Hired webmasters develop and support websites, give clear Technical Design Assignments to certain specialists (HTML coders, designers, and others), monitor website content, safety, and functionality. Similar specialists frequently have to hold information resources or e-commerce websites.

Self-employed professionals design websites from scratch, maintain them, search for advertisers, select a target audience, and implement advertising campaigns. They obtain profit for promoting products and services on their resources as well as redirecting traffic to affiliate websites. There are several popular methods of such earnings.

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Affiliate marketing. The most common option featuring high efficiency and revenues. Webmasters should join an affiliate program or a СРА network in order to cooperate with advertisers. Webmasters have to place ad impressions leading to the customer’s website on their resources.

Teaser advertising. A way to earn using an advertising network. Webmasters can earn by placing recognizable and splashy headlines, ads, and images. Specialists receive income form clicks on this advertising and redirections to the client’s website.

Contextual advertising. Traffic monetization is caused by placing contextual advertising on the webmaster’s resource, which is displayed to users in response to search queries.

Banner advertising. This technique means the placement of the advertiser’s visual ad impressions on the website. Banners can be animated or static.

Webmasters can apply special services and tools, e.g. content management systems (CMS), Yandex.Webmaster, Google Search Console, Yandex.Metrika, Google Analytics, etc. Details can be found in our material ►►►

How to become a webmaster and find a job?

Universities do not train such specialists. Therefore, you should explore all the necessary specific skills on your own or using private programs. Training is provided by major corporations (Google, Yandex) and freelancer experts privately.

Besides, you can take courses, acquiring certain skills: webmasters’ webinars or blogs. Note: apply obtained skills practically as often as possible.

Full-time webmasters provide services to companies, maintaining third-party resources. As a rule, they collaborate with other specialists: designers, copywriters, and SEO experts. Such a job can be found on specialized websites or Telegram channels. To start working on yourself, you should develop your website or buy a resource on the special exchange.

Launching your own resource, elaborate a plan of activities and theme, choose affiliate networks, as well as select marketing tools. It will help you to promote your platforms that will generate steady and high income.

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