“We Invested a Lot in Building Our Own Software Solutions in 2019 and We Plan to Proceed with that Streak,” Founder and CEO at Serpact Nikola Minkov

“We Invested a Lot in Building Our Own Software Solutions in 2019 and We Plan to Proceed with that Streak,” Founder and CEO at Serpact Nikola Minkov

What difficulties do SEO agencies face today and what directions should they pay their attention to? Founder and CEO at Serpact Nikola Minkov explained in the interview for Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference.

Nikola is an experienced chief executive officer, specializing in advertising and marketing. He has been into SEO since 2012 and has successfully completed over 700 projects all over the world. He is the head of the Bulgarian SEO agency Serpact, which won a prestigious European Search Award 2019 in the Gaming category.

Interviewer: Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference (MiAC)

Respondent: Nikola Minkov (N. М.)

MiAC: Tell us about the services offered by Serpact. What is your advantage over the competitors?

N. М.: We build and complete full content marketing strategies as part of the SEO campaigns, which is an essential part of all the process. Of course, we always go through the steps of technical analysis of the website as well, which is a must. At the final stage of the preparation for project initiation, we plan an outreach campaign and its realization in order to promote the website’s content.

I would not say that we do something the big SEO agencies do not know, but on the other hand, we do it with lots of love and attention to details. In addition, I think that our location allows for an advantage in terms of pricing, since we are located in Bulgaria and our clients from the USA, the UK, and Australia appreciate and recognize that as a fact.

MiAC: Over the four years of your agency operations, what key successful results did you reach?

N. М.: Primarily, they are four. I think that for four years of service that is a good result.

We won the European Search Award in 2019 in Gaming category, where we faced severe competition.

We own a certificate of Acknowledgement issued by Perficient Digital, which is something no one else has. Without a doubt, they are one of the biggest agencies in the world and have a huge team and knowledge base.

In October 2018, we were one of the five selected agencies to do a presentation at an official Google event that took place in Zurich. It was definitely a very proud moment for all of us.

A few weeks ago, the official Google Product Experts channel posted our educational tutorial “5 Tips For Fixing Common Website Issues With Google Search Console”. A great achievement as well.

MiAC: Tell us about Serpact SEO tools. How did you develop them and how useful are they today?

N. М.: We use a lot of external tools, such as SEMrush, Afrefs, MOZ, DeepCrawl, etc., but we have recently started investing a lot of effort and time in building our own tools, which will help us perform a much better semantic analysis, and also for content creation, keyword research and building more detailed semantic cores.

MiAC: Your project in cooperation with Efirbet has been awarded at the European Search Awards 2019. How difficult was it to conquer the gambling niche? What was new in this experience?

N. М.: The sports betting niche is definitely one of the most competitive ones in the world and when you are working with a client that offers the Affiliates option, the challenge is even bigger. The Efirbet.com project is developing for the past four years now and we invested a lot of effort in the technical part of the website, but still, the main focus by this day remains the content, which is being created by Efirbet.com’s team based on Serpact’s strategy.

I think that the amount of work we put into the so-called Featured Snippets for this project is not in vain and does not stay unnoticed, as even renowned bookmakers all over the world contact us to congratulate us for the results, which we have achieved on queries related to their brands. That means we have simply outranked them.

MiAC: What plans does Serpact have for the nearest future?

N. М.: As I mentioned, we invested a lot in building our own software solutions in 2019 and we plan to proceed with that streak. We also want to continue developing our free SerpAsk webinar series, which are a huge success and provide so much knowledge by experts from all over the world.

When it comes to the number of clients, we do not have a specific target, as we currently have many inquiries and we are striving to work with as many clients as we physically can afford to. The main purpose and goal is for the client to be satisfied.

MiAC: In your opinion, what SEO trends will be essential in 2020?

N. М.: The content and its promotion across the web. That has been Google’s main focus ever since the moment I started my SEO venture. Of course, with the introduction of new JavaScript platforms, especially in the e-commerce field, it creates a lot of technical work that has to be performed by agencies with experience in programming and SEO. Fortunately, we have expanded this branch in our organization based on the huge interest in this service.

MiAC: What will you talk about at Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference?

N. М.: I will speak about “How we recovered from the traffic crisis of a Sports Betting website for one year”, where I will present a very interesting project in the sports betting niche. I will reveal how for just one year we have managed to complete a huge amount of work in order to restore this business, which grew and flourished afterward.

On March 5, Nikola will make a presentation at Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference 2020. Guests of the event will have the possibility to talk to the speaker and ask him questions.

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