“As Every Company Has an Individual Approach to the Regulation of Business Issues, It Is Very Important to Provide Variability,” СМО of Quints Eduard Rogov

“As Every Company Has an Individual Approach to the Regulation of Business Issues, It Is Very Important to Provide Variability,” СМО of Quints Eduard Rogov

What kind of updates is Quints team working on? How does customization influence the product’s success and what mistakes should marketers of gambling brands avoid? Chief Marketing Officer of Quints Eduard Rogov answered in the interview for Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference.

Eduard is an affiliate, media buyer, and product manager with ten years of experience in marketing. He acts as CMO of Quints.io, an affiliate marketing service with BI module, accountability, and media buying tools.

Interviewer: Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference (MiAC)
Respondent: Eduard Rogov (E. R.)

MiAC: What major gambling brands use the services of Quints?

E. R.: Our customers are over ten industry companies. I can mark Parimatch and Favorit Sport as the largest brands that are leading the pack in several markets and serve as an example for many bookmakers.

I would like to mention big global operators in the field of cryptocurrency gambling – Bitcasino.io and Sportsbet.io. They are also our customers and this partnership allows us to improve Quints product in terms of the rather young but promising cryptocurrency gambling vertical.

MiAC: What changes have you made in the functional of Quints in the last several years?

E. R.: We have primarily improved the flexibility of many of our solutions. As every company has an individual approach to the regulation of business issues, it is very important to provide variability. Adding flexibility and different customization opportunities to Quints has become our main goal.

Customization is possible everywhere starting from access control settings to individual API for every affiliate account. Working on our product, we mainly rely on customer needs. For example, we developed a postback constructor that allows creating a unique query to meet the requirements of almost any affiliate network.

MiAC: How do you use the machine learning technology at Quints?

E. R.: We use machine learning to solve a small range of tasks. Of course, we are considering the possibility to use ML for predicting fraud, forecasting the profitability of traffic sources, and deep analysis of each affiliate’s performance in the long term.

However, our experience tells us that most companies prioritize other tasks now. They are more interested in convenient tools for the work with CPA networks and a seamlessly functioning and flexible traffic analysis and accountability tool.

MiAC: Name the main mistakes that marketers of gambling brands make. How to avoid them?

E. R.: It is a broad topic to discuss, as every company has its own screw-ups. However, I would distinguish three most important mistakes: detailed segmentation, setting a relevant KPI and its consistent audit by key segments.

Segmentation is one of the keynote aspects of the operation. Every traffic source needs its own message and appropriate sales funnel. One can learn such things only thanks to experiments and accumulated experience. Every experiment has to be measured and answer the needs of a specific task. For example, the growth in conversion rate of X segment by Y percent or stimulation of LTV to achieve a certain level.

MiAC: Is partnership with affiliates productive for all gambling operators?

E. R.: I cannot remember a single gambling brand that would suffer losses from the partnership with affiliates in the long term. Statistics data shows that affiliates earn around 70% of the total online gambling revenue. For this reason, it makes no sense to reject this traffic source, especially for small and medium companies.

Naturally, traffic acquisition through affiliates shows various efficiency at different companies. Every company has its own specifics of work, conversion rate, and LTV. Nevertheless, in the case of a correct approach, both advertisers and affiliates are in a win-win situation.

On March 5 at MiAC, Eduard will tell the audience how advertisers and affiliates can meet each other’s expectations.

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