eCOGRA online casino certificate: what is it and how to get it?

eCOGRA online casino certificate: what is it and how to get it?

Reliability, honesty, and transparency are the key factors in attracting new players to the platform. Currently, an attribute of safe gambling portal operations is the availability of eCOGRA certification sign.   

Let’s figure out what eCOGRA means, what advantages it gives to gambling platforms, and how to obtain it. 

What is eCOGRA?

What is eCOGRA?

eCOGRA (e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) is a UK-based independent organization that controls online gambling activity.

The company aims to protect the gambling industry from fraud and carries out online casino inspections. If a gambling platform corresponds to the high standard requirements, it receives the eCOGRA certificate, a sign placed on the online casino website. It indicates that the company and gambling software have successfully passed the inspection.

The organization controls providers’ software, operators’ reliability, and affiliate programs’ integrity.

What bodies check gambling platforms?

What bodies check gambling platforms?

eCOGRA consists of two departments: ATA (Aprroved Testing Agency) and SRS (Self-Regulation Services).

ATA is an agency that directly examines a platform, tests gambling software, and issues the eCOGRA certificate. Reportedly, the agency has verified more than 500 platforms.

The second division of eCOGRA, SRS, creates a safe and favourable environment in the gambling industry.

Monitoring the gambling sector, the agency performs the following tasks:

  • protecting user rights;

  • preventing minors from games;

  • combating fraud and crime;

  • protecting user privacy;

  • supporting players;

  • resolving conflicts between players and operators;

  • developing new gambling standards;

  • guaranteeing the honest game.

Certificate advantages

The eCOGRA sign on online casino websites provides a lot of benefits:

  • it shows that casino operations are honest and reliable;

  • it allows to legally promote gambling products within any jurisdiction;

  • it helps to avoid frequent inspections of other auditors;

  • it ensures a high level of transparency;

  • it allows websites to use its script after checking the random number generator.

The eCOGRA certificate shows that the casino complies with the high standard and brings the gambling platform to the top list, attracting new players.

How to get the eCOGRA certificate?

How to get the eCOGRA certificate

To pass eCOGRA's inspection, one should correspond to all the recommendations and conditions of the organization. After the audit, the organization gives certain certificates to operators (Safe and Fair Seal), software providers (Software Seal), and affiliate programs (Affiliate Trust Seal).

Besides, website owners are also checked for cheating in the past.

To place the eCOGRA certificate on the website, one should:

  • submit an application to the organization: it can be done by owner, co-owner, or business manager;

  • to prepare a package of proper documents: legal business registration, director’s passport data, corporate charter, information about bonuses and software providers;

  • receive the eCOGRA certificate as well as other reports on inspection, random number generator certificate, and payoff percentage paper.

Both new businesses and casinos long operating on the gambling market can submit the application. Note: the earlier entrepreneurs obtain the eCOGRA certificate, the faster their online platforms will grow.

Should one get eCOGRA?

Gambling experts concur that each online gambling platform should receive eCOGRA.

Today, a variety of the largest gambling portals and software providers cooperate with the organization, which guarantees high-quality casino operations, protects and attracts users, encouraging the rapid development of gambling business.

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