The Main Purpose Is to Know What Players Like, Why They Play and Simply Make Friends with Them: CEO at SupportLAB

The Main Purpose Is to Know What Players Like, Why They Play and Simply Make Friends with Them: CEO at SupportLAB

How have the priorities of gambling companies changed over the past 10 years? What should be taken into account when working with VIP players? These issues are revealed by Oleksandr, CEO at SupportLAB, in an interview with Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference.

SupportLAB is an outsourcing company providing a wide range of customer support services. Besides high-quality client service, the company offers reliable VIP player management and online casino retention marketing. It has been operating on the market for more than 10 years.

Interviewer: Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference (MiAC)

Respondent: Oleksandr

MiAC: What primary goals does SupportLAB help customers to cope with?

Oleksandr: We cover all the areas of client services and can cope with any task: from player support in the chat or by email to cash-out fraud inspection, bonus policy development, email marketing automation, database segmentation, outgoing calls etc. We can actually seize almost all player communication channels. Besides, we have recently launched Japanese and Turkish support.

MiAC: How have the demand and priorities of gambling companies changed over the ten years of your market operations?

Oleksandr: It was okay earlier to withdraw funds within several days. Now, cash-outs should be processed immediately, preferably within an hour. This is the main difference. We easily work following both patterns. Do you need withdrawals and abuse verification within an hour in the middle of the night? No problem!

MiAC: Providing retention marketing services, what challenges do you face most frequently?

Oleksandr: All people have different traffic requiring diverse approaches. Therefore, one should always check hypotheses, conduct AB tests and find the most efficient methods. Indeed, there are a lot of difficulties, but you should realize the critical necessity for testing interesting ideas. One of them will definitely increase the desired conversion.

MiAC: What recent player retention strategies prove to be most beneficial?

Oleksandr: There is no all-purpose scheme that should be successful at any brand. Broadly speaking, good results can be gained due to deep segmentation and provision of what players want. In other words, you have to understand that the brand database is divided into bunches of players with various interests and requests. You should think carefully about the trigger for the action of your campaign.

MiAC: What do your managers primarily pay attention to when working with new VIP customers? What are the most difficult aspects in this issue?

Oleksandr: The main purpose is to know what players like, why they play and simply make friends with them. It is important to prove that we are sincerely glad when players win and encourage not only losses. There are no particular difficulties if you realize the reason for working with VIP players. Sometimes VIP clients behave like kids and can warm to the role of actors who have never won an Oscar, but they are able to afford it.

MiAC: What areas is SupportLAB going to develop in the near future? Will you expand a spectrum of your services?

Oleksandr: Our immediate goal is to advance extensively the support services in local languages. First off, it is referred to Japanese and Turkish. Moreover, we are planning to enter other markets. If you need support in unusual languages, we are open to cooperation.

MiAC: What will guests of Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference 2020 find at your stand?

Oleksandr: An opportunity to get acquainted closer, communicate, discuss trends and share experiences!

On March 5, attend the SupportLAB’s stand in the exhibition area at MiAC 2020 in order to discover all the advantages of its client support from the company representatives.

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