SEO content in 2019: 8 old school practices

SEO content in 2019: 8 old school practices

SEO texts are an effective marketing tool: high-quality and expert articles would boost an online platform and attract new users. The point is that good results require effective practices in content making.

Let us find out mistakes in SEO and ways of content generation that are not going to work this year.

Link spam and catalogs

One of the main mistakes of SEO experts is ignoring strategic link building and pursuing link spamming.

You can currently come across users selling link packages and promising improved rankings. However, such practices may be punished by search engine algorithms, so avoid the following:

  • general and SEO catalogs;

  • guest posting for promotion;

  • links in comments;

  • link exchanges;

  • private networks;

  • buying links in social networks and on forums.

Over-optimized texts

Over-optimized texts are articles with an abundance of keywords.

Contemporary search engines apply semantic analysis with range algorithms that prevent such texts from appearing in the top of the search results. Besides, users are not interested in reading such articles since they are not helpful.

Heavy use of poor-quality content

One can currently come across SEO content with 10 thousand characters that do not give the understanding of the topic. Neither search engines nor users appreciate big text volumes with boring information.

Readers get interested in the platform if they receive an answer to their question. In this case, a user understands that a company in fact can provide valuable information in a certain sphere.

To make a text look like a professional article, increasing the quantity of characters is not necessary. It is important to develop the main topic, use related images and videos as well as additional interactive elements.

Useless pages for every query

Some platforms currently create separate pages for variations of a keyword with the same content.

Such a promotional method is good for nothing: search engines have grown smarter and can detect the same content. That is why it’s not recommended to create several pages for similar queries. Better focus on the elaboration of undiscovered topics.

Orientation on search engines

Platforms oriented on search engines, not users, face difficulties. Creating texts for algorithms may lead to a dramatic rankings and traffic drop.

Moreover, user-oriented texts are better perceived by readers. SEO articles should serve for clients since they are potential buyers of products and services.

Keyword in a domain and a URL

Many owners of commercial websites run the business using domains with keywords. Currently, it is called over-spamming.

Domains containing keywords are not easily remembered and as a rule are difficult to insert into the address bar without mistakes.

Moreover, such website addresses often draw visitors away for their unreliability and incompetence.

Cheat behavioral factors

If a platform in fact improves behavioral factors by boosting a website due to various parameters, this will lead to positive outcomes. Notwithstanding, if metrics manipulation takes place, platforms risk to face negative effects and bans from the algorithms.

Owners of the platforms have to understand that cheating is not a way of traffic growth anymore since search engines have special filters.

Massive volumes of texts with low quality

Websites that offer various pages and multiple interesting articles dedicated to different topics attract users. Still, if a platform provides many similar and unuseful texts, no traffic will be generated.

Contemporary SEO experts share the point of view that one link with qualitative content is more effective at boosting rankings compared to spam and a flood of dull references.

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