Ruslan Baybekov: Traffic generation algorithms are creativity, their implementation is routine

Ruslan Baybekov: Traffic generation algorithms are creativity, their implementation is routine

Ruslan Baybekov, Head of Analytics Department at, believes that everything is closely interrelated in digital marketing. Besides, he confesses that the arbitrage market has greatly altered. The specialist talked about these issues as well as about traffic features in Indonesia and Russia in the interview with Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference.

Ruslan Baybekov, Head of Analytics Department at, a company attracting customers on the Internet. There is a series of tutorial YouTube videos.

Interviewer: Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference (MiAC)

Respondent: Ruslan Baybekov (RB)

MiAC: Ruslan, is work with traffic a creative or routine activity? What is the proportion of engineering operations and a stretch of imagination? Is there any stretch of imagination in general?

RB: Like in any other business, work with traffic is a 90% routine that cannot exist without a stretch of imagination. Development of traffic generation algorithms, search for technical solutions, tools, interlock bypass methods etc. are creativity. Implementation of plans is a routine. The more automated it is, the lesser we deal with it. To reduce the amount of routine operations, PromoPult has been focusing on the automation of tasks for our users for more than 10 years.

MiAC: What is more interesting to you: marketer's job, audience examination, product development, or automation and solution of technical tasks?

RB: It’s a tricky question. The fact is that I cannot do without all of the above-mentioned things. Each area is quite interesting: selection and training of the team, audience analysis, and, surely, technical part. They are correlated: it is impossible to define technical problems without exploring the audience’s needs, and their accomplishment highly depends on management because teams should be built and motivated. If I can choose, I would choose… everything (laughing – Ed.).

MiAC: Are there any differences in Indonesian and Russian traffic?

RB: One should realize that Indonesia 5-7 years lags behind the Russian Internet in terms of both the application of mechanics and website quality/design. Besides, it is worth noting that mobile traffic dominates in the country. Thus, there are some special features:

A mobile version of landing pages is obligatory.

CPC/CPM mobile bets are much less than desktop ones. There are lots of cheap mobile traffic, but one should know how to adjust appropriate targeting.

There is a great deal of social media traffic; WhatsApp is quite popular.

Links provide an impressive result in case of minimum page SEO (poor competition of seamlessly optimized websites).

It turns out that Indonesia is mobile-first on the one hand, while links run the show on the other, similar to the Russian Internet five year ago.

MiAC: How has the Russian arbitrage market changed over the past 5 years? PromoPult has a lot of Russian customers. Are they anyhow altering in percentage terms to the rest clients regarding ordered work structures?

RB: The market has changed greatly. Firstly, the competition has grown: young guys are ready to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Frequently, they take a more flexible approach to arbitrage in every sense. Secondly, there are more restrictions. Technical solutions allow to better control and restrict the activity in many areas, for example, gambling.

When it comes to PromoPult, our audience steadily grows. Its share of arbitrage specialists ranges between 10% and 13%, which means the constant increase. Arbitrage experts extensively use our professional tools and contextual advertising module. We go out of our way to allow clients to easily launch and control a huge amount of complex projects in our system.

Ruslan Baybekov will speak at Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference on April 24 and give insight into gambling arbitrage tools.

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