Blockchain casino market will be growing: Chief Marketing Officer of DAO.Casino Dmitry Belianin

Blockchain casino market will be growing: Chief Marketing Officer of DAO.Casino Dmitry Belianin

Even after the decline of Bitcoin price, the demand for blockchain casinos keeps growing, believes the Chief Marketing Officer at DAO.Casino Dmitry Belianin.

In the interview for Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference, the specialist told about marketing of blockchain casinos, cryptocurrency payments, and advantages of the distributed ledger technology for affiliates.

Interviewer: Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference (MiAC).

Respondent: Dmitry Belianin, Chief Marketing Officer at DAO.Casino (DB).

MiAC: Please, tell us how popular blockchain casinos are today and why they attract visitors.

DB: If we look at blockchain casinos analytics provided by services such as DappRadar, we will see that they steadily grow in terms of turnover. During the peak in December of 2018, the turnover of $1.286 billion was registered, i.e. Ethereum and EOS taken together.

The main driver was the fact that these two blockchains had a big audience of token holders that gladly used services of new casinos. The latter allow using ETH and EOS in real products, which attracts users, as real-life use cases are scarce.

Of course, some of these figures are exaggerated for advertising purposes, but even if we take off 20-40% from the artificial turnover, a big figure will remain as for the one-year-old industry.

MiAC: Which disadvantages do blockchain casinos with cryptocurrency payments have?

DB: Two main disadvantages can be distinguished. Firstly, a small range of games, as developers are trying to make several games for a quick start. They develop those games on their own. The product is scarce and the quality suffers.

Secondly, operation speed and reliability. At Ethereum-based casinos, much time is spent on the processing of transactions and channel opening. In case of ЕОS, procedures also take more time than at traditional casinos.

MiAC: How do audiences of cryptocurrency casinos and traditional gambling sites differ?

DB: Currently, users of blockchain casinos are mainly cryptocurrency owners – geeks, enthusiasts, and people involved in the blockchain industry, for example, developers. Due to the poor media coverage, there are no new users. Blockchain casinos save on advertising and try to make use of audiences of related projects.

However, at the same time, the audience is quite active and marketing works well unlike traditional casinos where users rarely share their interest with friends and colleagues (of course, the situation is quite different when we talk about betting). In general, these audiences are very similar and the difference between them will be decreasing with time.

MiAC: How did the decline of Bitcoin price influence the player interest in blockchain casinos?

DB: We compared the cryptocurrency exchange rate with the number of players and transactions at blockchain casinos and concluded that the demand was growing.

It is mainly connected with the fact that currently the majority of blockchain casino users are crypto enthusiasts and tech admirers, for whom the rate is not very important.

Besides, the blockchain technology is actively developing and the barrier of entry into blockchain casinos is decreasing.

MiAC: Please, tell about the differences in marketing for blockchain casinos and traditional gambling sites.

DB: Today marketing for blockchain casinos implies narrow targeting to a small audience. The reason is a high barrier of entry for new users due to problems with onboarding. There is no point in increasing the awareness, as the advertising budget would be spent irrationally in this case. A better way out is to target selectively and work with people involved in the industry – cryptocurrency owners.

Specialized websites focused on cryptocurrencies are a good option. Here you need to show users the value and use native content telling about feasibility of products for the users to want to try them out.

It is very important to realize an educational mission in order to inform end users about all advantages of casinos built on blockchain. It is a long-term task and DAO.Casino currently handles it: we are ‘nurturing’ users for our future products (B2B) and explain companies how they can find new users for their B2C casinos.

MiAC: Which advantages do blockchain casinos offer to affiliate programs?

DB: Casinos that use smart contracts allow affiliates to receive payouts automatically when definite conditions are met (for example, CPA). Nobody can change these conditions, meaning that nobody can conceal a player and deceive the affiliate.

In my opinion, this fundamentally changes rules of the game. Everyone remembers how big casinos changed the terms of cooperation with affiliates leaving them without well-earned gains. I will tell more on this topic at the conference.

MiAC: Will you tell us about solutions for decentralized casinos developed by DAO.Casino?

DB: We are developing a set of tools that will allow every participant of the online gambling ecosystem to do his own work on blockchain. Operators will be able to open casinos, affiliates will be attracting traffic, and developers will be integrating their games in decentralized casinos.

Besides, we are introducing several new roles, for example, the role of Bankroll Backer will allow any user to hold the bankroll of a casino or a standalone game. We are using the Ethereum blockchain for this purpose.

MiAC: Please, share the most successful projects of DAO.Casino, in your opinion.

DB: Our project is under development now, so it is early to talk about substantial business success. But we can share some rather important events.

For example, we have released a scientific paper about our variety of State Channels called Game Channels with a built-in random number generator. Our solution’s source code is open for wide public and any company can use our solution in its projects. We would like to celebrate the start of the new Gambling 3.0 era with the release of the paper. That’s the industry regulated by technologies.

Besides, we launched the first in the history of gambling Sandbox project intended for casino game developers. The project was designed to test our SDK and give all volunteers the possibility to try out the development of games on blockchain without having relevant competences.

MiAC: In your opinion, how will the online and blockchain casino market be developing in the next few years?

DB: Blockchain casino market will be growing. Thanks to the solution of the user onboarding problem, wider public will gain access to the market. The industry is new, we are at the beginning of the journey.

If major operators and companies that understand the gambling market and can boast streamlined processes take the casino under the wing, it may become an important growth driver, as currently everything hinges mainly on enthusiasts. More awareness and advertising budgets may give a boost to the industry in general.

MiAC: What will you be speaking about at Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference?

DB: At the conference, I will tell how the blockchain technology is changing the online gambling market and will help to figure out what benefits the technology can bring to affiliates.

Dmitry Belianin will be a speaker at Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference and will give a report titled ‘Blockchain technology in online gambling: what changes with its arrival’.

Learn more about blockchain for online casinos from the expert during the conference!

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