Advertise and attract: ways of online casino traffic boosting

Advertise and attract: ways of online casino traffic boosting

Revenues  of any gambling business depend on a number of players. So gambling clubs have to constantly apply various advertising methods of client acquisition in a casino. Let’s check out the most effective ways of traffic boosting.

Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is a kind of ads targeted at Internet users and based on their queries in search engines or on websites. It’s one of the most effective ones that allows to get high traffic.

Currently, Yandex.Direct and AdWords are the most difficult services to place gambling contextual adverts. However, this problem can be solved by cloaking, a search engine optimization technique in which the content presented to the search engine spider is different from that presented to the user's browser.

Social networks

To attract new users to a casino via social networks, the following methods are applied:

  1. Groups and communities. They appear on Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, and other social networks distributing ads and calling to register in a casino and place bets.
  2. Spam. It can go as a private message and comments to posts on the related public pages.
  3. Fake account. An ad is placed on a fake webpage. For user acquisition, it needs a lot of advertising meaning comments under other people’s posts, likes, friend requests, etc. All these actions have to make other users visit the fake account and come across the ad.

Instagram for online gambling Instagram as a source of traffic for online gambling

To attract the audience on Instagram, creative and hi-quality visual advertising is needed. Post promotional videos, bright photos, and exiting stories to generate gambling traffic.

You can also involve new players by paying for ads of the famous bloggers. Currently, Instagram users with thousands and millions of subscribers are thought to be opinion leaders. Everything they recommend piques interest in their target audience. So casino advertising in the profile of the well-known blogger may guarantee a considerable traffic increase on the website of the gambling venue.

Email marketingEmail marketing гемблинг

A well-known tool of traffic acquisition that remains effective now. The common procedure of such advertising includes purchasing a base with emails of people somehow involved in online gambling. They later receive adverts on a regular basis.

TelegramTelegram gambling

A good opportunity to create an account of a gambler who can deceive online casinos making big money. It may go with schemes of moneymaking on online platforms. Publish feedback on the performance of the abovementioned models. First and foremost, make sure posts are regular.

In order to generate extra traffic, use other channels to place paid posts dedicated to gambling.

Visual demonstration

Wherever you advertise gambling, it’s important to give users visual examples of the prospects an online casino provides. Presentation of a person with a fake name would be a great advertising object who shares the results of multiple winnings and occasional losses. A young girl or man would perfectly showcase the role of gambling in gaining big profit.

Success stories

Success stories are created to attract new clients to a casino. Find a legend describing a user finding a scheme of moneymaking by means of a casino. This story serves as a base of a pre-land (a transition webpage). When visiting it, a user is expected to be redirected to a casino to register and deposit money.

Offline methods of gamer acquisition

An offline strategy of traffic boosting means creating traditional paper leaflets and brochures with bright illustrations and a link to a casino and a personal promo code. Such advertisements may be distributed in various gambling facilities, sports bars, and other clubs.


Currently, there exists a number of various methods of player acquisition to an online casino. They are actively used and offer special features. Therefore, apply several methods at once in order to generate high traffic on a gambling website. A well-worked approach towards advertising and its distribution would allow to attract people of any age and social status to a casino.

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