Casino Operations: Security Assurance

Casino Operations: Security Assurance

Security is a critical issue for both offline and online casinos. To ensure protection from malefactors, one applies a set of measures: from the premises security service to a complex system for preventing hacker attacks. What measures can help to guard a gambling venue?

Cameras, security personnel, alarm button: what option is the most efficient?

Cameras, security personnel, alarm button: what option is the most efficient?

The security system structure of land-based casinos consists of several aspects:

  • patrolling of the venue territory;

  • control at the entrance to the room;

  • gaming room protection;

  • personal guard for VIP customers;

  • the uninterrupted video surveillance system;

  • security equipment: turnstiles, access control, etc.

Security staff not always wears a uniform. They can be plain-clothed in order not to raise suspicions and anxiety among visitors. Such officials can be distinguished by the high level of physical and mental conditioning as well as attentiveness to the situation in the room.

Security guards should prevent fraud, conflicts between casino guests, and immediately respond to force majeure. Besides, they should ensure that slot machines and other casino property items remain in the primary state and do not undergo vandalism.

How to organize an efficient video control system

Video control in land-based casinos means the placement of cameras along the facility land plot. The gaming room should be equippedwith high-resolution cameras (a compulsory condition caused by the necessity for the precise color rendering of images). Mini-cameras giving an immediate assessment of the current situation are also involved. They allow to see clearly even tiny objects of a few millimeters.

A monitor center is located in a separate room closed from the inside. One or several guards (depending on the venue size) should be constantly there. The observing system should be arranged in such a way that operators will be able to obtain a clear big picture from any corner of the casino. The video surveillance department provides security members engaged in the room and within the venue with relevant information.

How facial biometrics technology enhance casino safety

A technology recognizing faces on videos is called FindFace. It requires less than a second to identify the guest’s personality. In addition, this technology is able to perform other useful functions:

  • preparation of attendance statistics: FindFace will define and segment guests. Thus, you will be able to work with the target audience more productively;

  • an individual approach to VIP guests: the high-end service will help to gain customer loyalty;

  • prevention of swindling: the system will “catch” a person from the black list right at the entry. Moreover, FindFace can track transactions based on the player’s card in order to avoid unfair game;

  • prevention of admission by someone else's personnel card: the facial biometrics technology won’t let in anybody with a fake or lost RFID card or bring somebody in using it.

One more advantage of this system: it distinguishes people from photos or masks while all images can be gathered in a single database.

How to provide online casino cyber security

How to provide online casino cyber security

Cutting-edge protection technologies are used to prevent online casinos from swindler attacks.

Casino hacking is an unauthorized impact on website operations by people who have nothing to do with employees and owners. Hacking can be implemented not only by changing the software platform algorithm. There are a lot of ways to control casino functioning. The simplest one is when fraudsters receive access to players’ accounts and act on their behalf.

Each casino has its own server storing data on clients, their accounts, and transactions conducted. The server includes several stages of protection, in particular, against internal errors of the system. Typically, an independent specialist being financially liable for casino information integrity focuses on server maintenance. The fact that a single person has access to data is an additional security measure.

One more protection stage is casino transaction encrypting. Prior to transferring, data is thoroughly encrypted and it gets through connection protected by 256-bit SSL encrypting. Thus, even if swindlers somehow obtain data, they will fail to read it without the key.

Online casinos regularly pass special certification confirming the high level of data and transaction safety. A security certificate is available on the gambling website.

Both land-based and online venues are reliably protected from criminals. Casino owners are interested in providing maximum safety of guests because it affects the venue's popularity.

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