Attraction of Social Media Players: How to Generate Traffic From Vkontakte Public Pages

Attraction of Social Media Players: How to Generate Traffic From Vkontakte Public Pages

97 million people use Vkontakte every month. The majority of resource users are from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Therefore, the service is still one of the best platforms for attracting customers to third-party resources. Let’s examine how webmasters can allure new players to gambling services using Vkontakte communities.

Selection of Profitable Offer

Selection of Profitable Offer

There is a wide range of affiliate programs allowing webmasters to attract clients to casinos and betting shops. To choose the most appropriate gambling offer, you should take into account the following aspects:

  • reliable affiliate network. It should be verified and should pay out money to arbitrage specialists. To find a necessary option, you can read various forums, blogs, reviews, and feedback where webmasters share their experience;

  • geography. Offer descriptions specify for customers from which countries (cities) an advertiser pays;

  • payment methods. Affiliate programs in the gambling industry offer webmasters three types of cooperation:

  1. Revenue Share: a casino provides an advertiser with a certain percent of profit obtained by the gambling venue for each engaged player;

  2. CPA: a gambling club pays a fixed fee to a webmaster for every new customer;

  3. Hybrid model. It combines two above-mentioned cooperation schemes: a person attracting traffic to the resource is provided with a reward for each new player and a percent of casino income.

Before selecting an offer, you should analyze what kind of Vkontakte traffic arbitrage specialists are already focusing on. The PUBLER service can be useful in this issue. It helps to search for advertising posts previously published on social media.

Community Selection

Community Selection

You should take a serious approach to the selection of public pages where a webmaster will generate gambling traffic. This step affects the amount of clients attracted to casinos and the sum earned as the result.

Choosing Vkontakte communities, arbitrage experts should consider the following criteria:

  • the number of subscribers. Calculate how many bots, blocked or remote pages are in the community. Newcomer webmasters frequently begin with the audience of up to ten thousand people, while experienced ones prefer larger public pages;

  • the target audience. If you plan to allure young men aged 23 years and more (they are considered to be the casino target audience), the community as a traffic source should consist of subscribers aged 24-27 years;

  • community topics. Discover the interests of gambling advertising target audience: it can be different issues, from equipment and car reviews to erotic images;

  • sex ratio. The best option is a group where the male audience exceeds the female one by 10–20% or more;

  • post reach. The number of views of a published note. The higher figure, the more people will see ads.

Creation of Advertising Posts and Pre-Landing Pages

Creation of Advertising Posts and Pre-Landing Pages

After choosing a community for gambling traffic generation, arbitrage specialists should develop and design promotional materials. To make them attract as many users as possible, you should thoroughly elaborate this matter. Texts should be wrote individually for certain public pages. They should match general content. Images should be spectacular and eye-catching.

Currently, webmasters apply several approaches to gambling advertising. Let’s explore them in detail.

  • Arbitrage experts create an advertising post that directly offers users to play a game of chance or join casinos. For example: All new players get $100 until June 1. Sometimes the description keeps the intrigue: The casino provides each new player with gifts. It makes users follow the affiliate link.

  • Advertising on public pages can be unobvious. For instance, webmasters prepare posts with positive feedback from players who have bought a car or have gone on a journey due to the casino. Such a publication contains the link to the gambling club where the feedback author has supposedly earned money.

  • One more type of promotional posts is useful information for subscribers: e.g. an article about 10 people earning on poker or a selection of the world’s most popular casinos. The link to the gambling venue is added at the end of the material.

All posts should be complemented with pictures or photos, as an ordinary text does not spark readers’ interest. To invite users to casinos, publications use images depicting various good living elements: stacks of money, high-end vehicles, gadgets, etc.

Direct links to landing pages occasionally fail to pass moderation. In such cases, one uses a pre-lander. It is a page that users enter prior to visiting the landing page. In the context of casino advertising, pre-landing pages often publish success stories by different people who have grown rich while attending a certain gambling club. Special groups, Vkontakte personal pages, or blogs are used as pre-landers.

Media Buying and Traffic Control

Media Buying and Traffic Control

Advertising on Vkontakte communities can be bought via an exchange or from public page administrators. The first way is faster, but grey offers do not pass moderation. Therefore, personal cooperation with community owners will increase the chances for publishing required materials. Besides, this option allows to save some funds because administrators can provide webmasters with discounts if they acquire a huge amount of posts at the same time.

Preparing necessary materials and arranging about their publication, you should track traffic and monitor the advertising campaign. You should:

  • use separate links with your own SubID and UTM marks for each community and post;

  • add the landing page to your domain in order to monitor traffic and conversion using Yandex.Metrika and Google Analytics. If this option is absent, redirect traffic to a pre-lander or a landing page;

  • analyze performed work. Determine what results gambling advertising brings and what public pages are the most efficient. If your investments are compensated, you can use the same community to promoter similar offers.


Casino traffic generation using Vkontakte communities requires great labor efforts. You should not only select appropriate ad platforms, but also write exciting texts and choose appealing images. The more seriously webmasters treat their job, the more rapidly they improve their revenues.

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