Examples of Using Chatbots in Affiliate Marketing

Examples of Using Chatbots in Affiliate Marketing

Back in 2016, Business Insider forecasted that almost 80% of companies would use chatbots for business development by 2020. Analysts were right – chatbots are used in new fields even now. This promising marketing tool is efficient in the work with affiliate programs. How does it work?

Chatbots for arbitrage

Affiliate programs are an excellent way to earn a living by promoting products of other companies using special marketing tools. Chatbots represent a new approach to arbitrage, which is an alternative to the ordinary advertising campaign with landing pages.

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence-powered software that interacts with people in messengers. It can answer questions, give recommendations, share links, and help customers to place orders.

When you work with an affiliate program, a chatbot can help you to promote a certain product by responding to search words and corresponding user queries. This technique is very efficient for the promotion of white product offers.

For example, an affiliate has a chatbot that handles a certain problem: to select skin care products. Having recognized the required keywords in the dialogue with a customer, the bot gives the customer an affiliate link, which leads to the product’s website (productive for the beauty niche).

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Advantages of chatbots
for affiliate programs

The use of chatbots in customer-oriented business shows rather good results: programs help to save time and money, interact with users with higher efficiency, stay in touch 24/7. Foreign experts have already appraised the advantages of chatbots for affiliate programs and use them actively. For example, John Hughes from Affiliate Royale distinguished the following advantages:

  • Provide support. Chatbots answer questions of users and provide them with necessary information without human resources. At the same time, communication is direct and happens in real time.
  • Database segmentation. While the potential customer is talking to the chatbot, the latter collects necessary information such as contact details, interests based on queries. It helps to segment the database.
  • Affiliate link. As soon as the chatbot sees a relevant query, it answers with an affiliate link to that query. You can adjust the program to recognize any keywords in the remarks of users.

Besides, the use of chatbots stands out for the high level of engagement. You can increase it to the maximum using chatbot settings: the variability of parameters allows adding tests, entertainment, and other ways to keep user attention.

For example, a chatbot offers the customer a questionnaire, using which it identifies the person’s propensity for excess weight, and gives him or her the link to a weight-loss product.

How to use chatbots
to promote offers

The main task of chatbots is to get a lead or accumulate more information about people interested in the offered products. To obtain necessary results, you need to follow several rules when you set up a chatbot:

  • Think over and build an efficient sequence of messages. They have to hold the attention of the customer, cover his or her information queries, and logically lead to the product’s link.
  • It is important for the chatbot to be rather simple so that the user does not leave the conversation due to complexity. You should test all settings and messages.
  • To gain trust and get an emotional response, you’d better use informal style, emoji, and funny messages (whenever appropriate).
  • You should use a chatbot even if you are not launching a campaign yet. It will help you to gather the required data that will prove useful in the future.

Chatbot marketing is a good option for beauty, nutra, equipment offers. Programs powered by artificial intelligence help to provide users with maximum information and details. Chatbots are integrated with Facebook messenger and your page.

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Chatbots – the future
of affiliate marketing

Chatbots help to increase the conversion of ordinary advertising campaign and spend less time on personal communication with users. In such a way, you can attract the audience that does not trust landing pages but highly appraises direct and informal communication.

Besides, chatbots offer a possibility to make mailings to the customer base. Affiliates and CPA networks can make use of this advantage. For example, the Kazakhstan-based CPA network managed to increase the rate of goods taken away from post offices by 7%.

The network achieved this result thanks to Zvonobot service that used a voice bot to call customers and remind them of the purchase. The program handled the task much better than people would, because call center representatives would not have enough time to call everyone on the list. The chatbot made 2,708 calls and afterwards, customers took away 97 purchases.

Chatbots for business
and affiliate programs

Popular chatbot builder platforms offer interesting and beneficial affiliate programs for people that want to earn. As chatbots are now widely used for business promotion, this type of activity may bring a good income. Let us review three most popular programs for affiliates in 2019.

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Commission: 30%

Collect Chat is a simple platform that allows building a chatbot in a few minutes. It is easy to promote and generate sales. The advantages are business templates of chatbots, simple integration with the platform, and customer support service.

Collect Chat offers an affiliate program that will suit even newbies. You can earn on it by promoting the product among marketers and entrepreneurs. It offers monthly payouts and offers a $50 bonus for every ten brought customers.

Tars Chatbot Affiliate

Commission: 30%

Tars is a professional chatbot tool that will suit owners of small and big business. The affiliate program offers affiliates a high commission, but the product is expensive, so it is important to promote it skillfully. Affiliates get a 30% commission for every brought customer.


Commission: 25%

Compared to other mentioned tools, Chatbots.Systems offers not so many functional chatbot options. It is important to choose the target market thoroughly to generate affiliate sales. The program offers 25% per month for every active user brought by the affiliate.

Interesting ways of earning a living are also offered by such affiliate programs as Virtual Spirits, Pure Chat, YAMICHAT, and many others.


A chatbot is an essential tool for customer-oriented business. It allows not only saving on labor costs but also servicing more users at a time. It is possible to choose a chatbot that will meet the requirements of the business owner in every field of activity.

For affiliates, chatbot is one of the niches that allows earning well on the promotion of the popular and efficient business tool. Affiliate programs of chatbot builder platforms offer high commissions and the product with a clearly defined audience.

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