Affiliate programs on Instagram: how to make an income using your profile in the social network?

Affiliate programs on Instagram: how to make an income using your profile in the social network?

In June 2018, Instagram reached 1 billion users throughout the world. The popularity allows businesses to develop using the network and users with a big number of subscribers earn on advertising of different goods.

Making a profit on Instagram is possible through affiliate programs. Read further in the article how affiliate programs for Instagram work and how to make money on the social network.

Popular affiliate scheme on Instagram

affiliate scheme on Instagram

With a definite number of subscribers and good user engagement, one can attract advertisers to the account and start making money. Many users join CPA affiliate programs for this purpose.

In such affiliate schemes, the advertiser pays the blogger for the action fulfilled by a user, for example, registration on the website or purchase of a product.

when participating in affiliate programs, one should remember that if a subscriber just follows the advertising link and leaves the website straightaway, there would be no reward. Therefore, one should choose to advertise the product that will be interesting for specific audience.

How to advertise on Instagram?

advertise on Instagram

After registering with an affiliate program, you should place the photos recommended by the affiliate program in your profile and add the provided link to the description.

By following the link, interested users will be directed to the advertised website and make some actions – in such a way the blogger will start making a profit.

To avoid being banned in the social network, experienced users recommend shortening affiliate links – there are many special services that can do that.

Which offers to choose for your Instagram page?

The choice of the advertising offer depends on the Instagram profile and the audience that the ad targets. Besides, many successful members of the social network that have a big number of followers do not want to risk the trust of their subscribers and thoroughly choose products for advertising.

Wow goods

Advertising of the so-called wow goods is an appropriate niche for social networks. Such products influence emotions and provoke the wish to make a purchase.

As a rule, these products are highly popular and are often found in profiles of many bloggers and celebrities.

Discount offers

Offers of online stores that offer discounts, promo codes, special offers, and prizes is another common advertising format.

For instance, a blogger can add a link to one discount product or choose several products from the store that promotes special offers.

Advantages of affiliate programs for Instagram

Advantages of affiliate programs

Instagram affiliate programs have benefits for all participants. The advertiser attracts new interested buyers, and the blogger can choose the website for collaboration by filing an application.

Besides, the owner of the social network account independently chooses the products from the available assortment for advertising. In such a way, the blogger receives an opportunity to take a creative approach to the task and not to lose trust of subscribers. Consequently, it gets easier for the blogger to achieve advertising nativeness, as every post including images and description can be naturally adapted to the style of the account.

The number of followers does not play the most important role here. Of course, to make a profit from advertising, one should have a definite number of subscribers. However, you do not have to be a celebrity with a million audience.

By using affiliate programs for making money on Instagram, one can make a profit even with a small number of subscribers. The main thing is to participate in a reliable affiliate program, choose a correct offer, and present the ad correctly.

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