Online casino affiliate programs: payoff speed rating

Online casino affiliate programs: payoff speed rating

Affiliate programs for online casinos provide a benefit: partners receive a reward for customer attraction to a gambling platform. However, not all affiliate programs give profit rapidly and on time as promised.

Let’s examine the best online casino affiliate programs that promptly and scrupulously provide partners with income.

Game RevenueGame Revenue

Game Revenue was launched in 2014, proving itself as one of the most reliable affiliate programs.

Profit for partners is based on the Revenue Share system. A rate of income depends on the amount of users allured by partners. It is calculated according to four levels:

  • a basic one (0-10 users): 40% of casino profit;

  • a middle one (10-20 users): 45% of casino profit;

  • the highest one (20 and more users): 50% of casino profit;

  • the VIP level (unique conditions): 60% of casino profit.

There are a lot of payment systems to conduct a payoff, while income is charged from 1 to 15 of each month. A minimum payoff sum is 40 EUR.


Poshfriends disburses payments to partners within five working days after the one-month accounting period.

Revenue Share and CPA are available models for profit calculation. A payoff sum of the first pattern depends on the number of players invited by the partner and can be approximately 40-60% of casino profit.

The CPA model is unavailable to beginning partners, but it can be activated under the individual agreement with a program’s manager. In this case, the partner can obtain up to $500 for each new player putting down a certain deposit.

Welcome PartnersWelcome Partners

According to the rules of Welcome Partnersthe reward is given every Monday over the previous one-week accounting period.

Partners are able to receive 40-55% of the sum using the Revenue Share option. Besides, the affiliate program allows to discuss the payoff based on the CPA model in advance. These operations can be carried out via WebMoney and Qiwi payment systems.

Lucky PartnersLucky Partners

Partners are paid on the next day after the accounting period. Lucky Partners has two report periods per month.

The affiliate program offers several profit generation patterns:

  • Revenue Share (up to 60% of revenue);

  • CPA (up to $200 for a player);

  • a hybrid model: СРА + Revenue Share;

  • sub-affiliate (5% of income from each player).

The affiliate program is compatible with the majority of popular payment systems. A minimum withdrawal sum is $20, with the partner receiving $10 for registration.


PlayAttack partners can withdraw funds twice per month, while users’ negative balance is updated monthly.

The sum of revenue depends on a chosen tariff rate:

  • Revenue Share: up to 55% of profit from all players;

  • CPA: up to $200 per each new player;

  • a hybrid model: СРА + Revenue Share;

  • sub-affiliate (5% of income from each player).

PlayAttack cooperates with gambling platforms offering a variety of gambling games. Moreover, popular payment systems are available for withdrawals.

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