YouTube affiliate program: advantages and features

YouTube affiliate program: advantages and features

YouTube channel means 1 billion users, which is one third of all network users. Revenues of popular channel authors grow due to a huge YouTube reach. This year, the number of people earning $100,000 has increased by 40%. Affiliate programs are one of the main tools allowing to monetize YouTube content.

Meaning of YouTube affiliate program

Meaning of YouTube affiliate program

The YouTube affiliate program is an opportunity to monetize your own channel and videos on YouTube using advertising.

There are two types of affiliate programs: integrated or external. An integrated one is an earnings program offered by YouTube. External programs are designed and developed by companies producing goods or by third parties engaged in business growth.

Affiliate programs have different terms of participation. The YouTube integrated program has applied the stricter participation rules since February 2018.

Channel authors can obtain a status of partner if:

  • an affiliate program is officially available within their region;
  • their channel has collected at least 4000 of views in six months;
  • the amount of their subscribers exceeds 1000 people.

These rules are inappropriate for newcomers, but they provide experienced users with a reliable source of earnings. External affiliate programs, which help YouTube channel owners to monetize their content, can be more affordable.

Operational concept of YouTube affiliate program

Operational concept of YouTube affiliate program

After activating the affiliate program, channel pages and videos will show contextual advertising selected by special algorithms.

How do channel authors receive money in this case?

  • Clickthrough. Money is charged for everyone clicking on the ads.
  • Ad impression. The amount of views is counted from 1000.
  • For a certain action. It refers to sale of goods or other action (for example, filling out a form) conducted by users following the link.

For instance, one can receive $1 for 1000 video views and $0.20 for a clickthrough. Besides, a share of profits will be given to Google, while users will get approximately a half of charged sum.

How does YouTube obtain money? Service income is provided by serious advertisers organizing major campaigns. At the same time, YouTube broadcasts this advertising via monetized blogs.

YouTube affiliate program: how to join it

To start working with the YouTube affiliate program, you should submit an application, accept the rules of participation, and bind your channel to the AdSense approved account. According to the new rules, YouTube’s official partners can be those having more than 4000 views for the past 12 months. It means that the service wants to exclude from the program channels cheating with the amount of subscribers. Therefore, it is honest authors that receive profit, not swindlers.

Besides, you should strictly monitor the quality and uniqueness of your content: videos similar to others’ as well as clips violating author’s rights and failing to comply with the YouTube rules are not allowed to participate in the program.

In other words, you need legal promotion methods in order to deal with the YouTube official affiliate program. They include unique content, high-quality PR, and target audience tracking. Moreover, you should take into account not only whether content will be interesting to a certain group of people, but also a region of this audience’s living.

YouTube can long check whether a channel is appropriate and impose quite severe requirements. Some external programs offer more friendly conditions, including AIR, VSP Group, Iricom, and BuzzMyVideos.

A standard affiliate program allows to withdraw $100 and more, while external ones allow to withdraw at least $1.

How to launch YouTube affiliate program

partnership YouTube

Not only channel authors, but also advertisers and intermediaries, can earn using YouTube: vast reach and user customization help to promote a brand and sell certain items or services faster.

Creating proper products and a website describing goods or services, entrepreneurs or companies should determine a sum of money they are ready to invest in advertising. At the same time, they should specify the terms of cooperation. Described above are basic actions that should be carried out before creating a YouTube affiliate program.

The next step is the development of advertising tools such as short references, banners, and videos. An affiliate program is designed by outside experts: programmers or target development services. You also need personnel to maintain the affiliate network and work with program participants: companies and YouTube channel authors. When the program is adjusted and launched, it should be evolved. In particular, you should analyze competitors’ programs and regularly communicate with its participants.

The main part of YouTube users include people aged 18-34 years, in other words, a financially reliable and active audience. A total number of channels with over one million subscribers increased by 75% in a year. Such users’ activity and service popularity make it an appealing and promising platform for earnings.

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