Online and Land-Based Casinos: Competitors or Equal Participants of the Gambling Market?

Online and Land-Based Casinos: Competitors or Equal Participants of the Gambling Market?

The gambling market has a long history of development. The first land-based casinos started to operate several centuries ago. The first online casino appeared in 1994. Since then, not only the type of provided services but also the mode of operation have distinguished gambling houses.

Today there are many land-based and online casinos in the gambling market. What are their main features? What tools help them to attract customers? What prospects does the gambling industry have? Read in the article below.

Land-based and online casinos:
keynote advantages

Any kind of a gambling house specializes in the organization of games of chance. The main task of casinos is to attract and retain customers. The more players visit the casino, the more profit the business gets. Despite the similar operation principle and the same goals, land-based and online platforms have their own features and advantages.

The main distinctive feature of a land-based casino:

  • expensive furnishings. Owners thoroughly plan the interior and design of land-based casinos. They use bright colors and decorative lighting to attract the attention of players. Parlors have convenient furniture made of expensive materials. In such a way, they create comfortable conditions for leisure time;
  • vivid impressions. Land-based casinos create a festive atmosphere inside, encouraging customers to play and have fun. Guests are served alcoholic beverages and entertained with different concert programs;
  • the attention of staff. Workers of land-based casinos are always very attentive to customers. They are ready to cater to any customer wish. If you need to consult regarding the rules of some game or you want to rent a limousine, the personnel will gladly assist you;
  • the full immersion into the game. Sounds of slot machines or roulette wheel, real chips and cards, live dealer that announces the winning combination – all of this and many other things help players to immerse into the game. Online casinos cannot provide such a possibility even despite the introduction of new technologies.

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Meanwhile, online casinos have the following advantages:

  • smaller expenses on the organization of a business. Launch of a land-based casino requires huge investments. Funds are needed to arrange a license, rent premises, buy necessary hardware and interior items, pay salaries to personnel, etc. In the case of an online casino, money is spent on license acquisition, purchase of domain, development of website, purchase of software and its integration with the platform, customer support service, salaries to staff, etc. If you sum all expenses, you will see they are smaller than in the case of a land-based casino;
  • accessibility for users from all over the world. The operation of online casinos does not depend on time or geographical location. To access games of chance, users just need to use a computer, smartphone, or tablet connected to the Internet. Moreover, users can gamble at any time and from any place;
  • possibility to play for fun. Online casino customers can play without the necessity to place real money bets;
  • wide choice of gambling entertainment. Land-based casinos have a restricted range of games. Internet gambling platforms can allow integrating an unlimited number of games. Besides, they can regularly update the available assortment;
  • multi-currency feature. Land-based casinos usually accept not more than two currency types. Online casinos allow placing bets in currency units of different countries. Many platforms also accept cryptocurrencies;
  • time saving. To visit an online casino, you do not have to go anywhere and choose clothes in order to satisfy the dress code. All you need to do is to open the browser tab or launch a mobile application.

How to attract customers to online and
land-based casinos: the most efficient ways and tools

Although land-based and online casinos represent one industry, they attract customers in different ways. Let’s review them in detail.

Methods of land-based casino marketing

To attract customers to land-based gambling houses, owners usually use outdoor advertising. Ads are placed on temporary or stationary constructions, banners, leaflets, business cards, booklets, etc.

As part of advertising campaigns, casinos organize big concerts featuring well-known artists, musicians, and comedians.

Besides, to attract and retain customers, casinos run special offers, provide loyal customers with different incentives. Some gambling houses draw big prizes including expensive cars.

Methods of online casino marketing

Thanks to the development of the Internet, there are many efficient tools to promote brands. The most efficient marketing tools are:

  • affiliate marketing. In this marketing tool, casinos act as advertisers. They work with webmasters that promote the gambling platform on their websites or blogs. Webmasters receive a cash reward for bringing new customers to casinos;
  • teaser ads. These ads consist of a catchy headline, a picture, and in some cases a small announcement-description. Their main goal is to interest users and incentivize them to go to the advertiser website. To promote the casino with this technique, you need to become a participant of a teaser network;
  • SEO. This method includes a complex of measures intended to optimize the website. The goal is to raise the position of the website in the search engine results pages. Thanks to SEO, users will be able to find the casino quicker using keywords and/or phrases;
  • social media. Different platforms (Instagram, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, etc.) allow creating pages, groups, or communities, where you can post good quality content dedicated to gambling. Materials should contain links to the casino website.

Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference: Online and Land-Based Casinos: Competitors or Equal Participants of the Gambling Market? 2

Competition between land-based
and online casinos: who will win?

With the active development of the World Wide Web, the number of online gambling companies is growing year by year. To attract more customers, online casinos improve the quality of service, expand the assortment of games, and use various marketing tools. Thanks to all these things, the gambling business allows making a big profit.

Despite the potential of online casinos, land-based gambling houses do not lag behind and remain competitive. Different countries open new gambling clubs and investors keep investing funds in the development of the gambling market.

Experts believe that land-based casinos will never totally shift to the online segment. The reason is that online gambling platforms cannot provide customers the same vivid impressions they experience at land-based casinos.

Therefore, land-based and online casinos will remain equally popular. However, every market participant will orient toward a different target audience.

Prospects of the gambling industry

According to the forecast of Worldwide Gambling Market, the volume of the global gambling market will be annually growing by 5.7% in the period from 2016 to 2022. Analysts of Juniper Research calculated that the global online gambling market would reach $1 trillion by 2022 (to compare, $620 billion in 2017).

Overall, experts agree that the gambling industry will remain attractive for investing. The legalization of the gambling business in different countries will facilitate the development of both online and offline gambling sectors. The number of active players will be growing due to the emergence of new casinos and the implementation of innovative technologies.

As for gambling trends, the CEO of PartnerMatrix Levon Nikoghosyan thinks that today the main industry trends are cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and VR gambling. Speaking about forecasts for the next 5 years, the expert noted that operators would come to the market accepting only digital money. The distributed ledger technology will be used to store data. However, VR gambling will not gain much popularity.

Experts will delve into the development of the gambling industry and the use of new technologies at online casinos at Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference held on March 5, 2020.

You can read the event program here ►►►

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