New domain for your gambling site: a guide on relocation

New domain for your gambling site: a guide on relocation

Sometimes gambling websites face situations when Roskomnadzor blocks them and they have to change the domain. Relocation to the new address is the process in which you risk losing positions in search engine results. Read further in the article how to avoid it and bypass Roskomnadzor seamlessly and safely.



Specialists recommend starting the relocation process connected with the ban by RKN with the creation of a backup or security copy of the website.

You should do it as a precaution even if you take a thorough approach to the relocation and fulfil all the other steps.

New domain

New domain

The next step is the registration of a new domain for relocation. Two options are available: registering a new domain name or using a domain previously owned by other people.

The latter option requires that you check the domain history: the last owner could receive a ban from search systems or the website can have low-grade backlinks.


Before you relocate the website blocked by Roskomnadzor, find out how many pages it comprises, as this will help to create a redirect map and setup redirects.

Further, you have to collect the content from the old website, for example, by downloading all files using the embedded file manager. Besides, you have to export databases from the current server.

To prevent serious mistakes on the new domain, experts recommend running a check:

  • to make sure that the list of pages for relocation does not contain copies of pages available at different addresses;
  • to test links to external platforms;
  • to detect and eliminate all links to unavailable internal pages.

Further, you have to setup server redirecting. For this purpose, you should use a 301 Server Redirect, which can be setup using an .htaccess file.

301 Server Redirect


As soon as all required pages are created on the new domain, you should create a sitemap. Here are several tools to help you:

  • embedded content management system;
  • online sitemap generators;
  • special scripts that automatically generate maps;
  • desktop tools.

Before you release the new website, you should setup the robots.txt file correctly. The file should contain new directives: new domain name and a link to the sitemap.

In the .htaccess file of the old domain, specify the Page/Post 301 Redirect for all old website pages.

Search engines

When the technical part is complete, you have to inform search engines about the change of the website address.

For example, to change the address in Google Search Console, you have to register a new website at first, and then go to settings of the old domain. Click Change of Address, select your new domain from the list and confirm the request for an address change. You can change the address in Yandex.Webmaster in the same way.

Final check

Final check

To make sure that the relocation is successful, run the final check. The faster you find mistakes, the easier it will take you to eliminate them, so you should check:

  • pages from old domain;
  • pages on the new domain for incorrect codes and mistakes on the sitemap.
  • As you do the final check and remove mistakes, the website is ready to operate on the new domain.


You can move your website to the new domain and bypass the blocking of Roskomnadzor quickly and easily if you take a serious approach to the address change. Besides, a professionally elaborated website relocation will have no negative consequences: gambling traffic and positions in search engine results will be preserved.

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