New Casinos in 2020: How Many Offline Venues Will Be Established?

New Casinos in 2020: How Many Offline Venues Will Be Established?

What changes will the global gambling market face this year? How many new players will appear? The largest entertainment object in South Korea, a casino liner in Malaysia, and the Altai gambling venue: discover more about these and other grand openings scheduled for 2020.

South Korea:
Inspire Integrated Resort

It is a collaborative project of American and South Korean companies, Mohegan Sun and Incheon International Airport Corporation. The new gambling and entertainment complex will be located in a free economic zone, Inchon, and will occupy about 200,000 square meters.

The venue will be divided into a gambling space and a location for other entertainment types. The gambling area will host 1500 slot machines and 250 gaming tables. The rest of the territory will be taken by shops, boutiques, bars, restaurants, and other facilities for a pleasant pastime. Inspire Integrated Resort is expected to arrange 60 branded stores.

The major features of this object, which is going to become the largest one in South Korea, will be a combination of local cultural patterns and the culture of US indigenous inhabitants. Guests will be able to order special Korean dishes, listen to the national music, as well as dip into the Indian atmosphere.

Inspire Integrated Resort will be placed near the airport. It will include a two-storey hotel with 1000 rooms. Besides, operators will create a theme park for vacationers with kids. Services will be provided to both a wide range of players and VIP visitors.

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The Tampere Central Deck and Arena Casino

This huge complex will start operating in Tampere on July 1. SRV Construction Ltd has been constructing it since 2017, investing €50 million. The project consists of Veikkaus casino, conference halls and offices, bars, restaurants, a recreation center, and a 285-room hotel.

The gambling venue will allow guests to enjoy 100 various slots and try their luck at 10 card tables. Attendees of Veikkaus will also be able to take part in poker tournaments. The whole project, including a residential district called Ranta-Tampella, will be built step-by-step and completed by 2023.


Podiumspot Capital Group announced the construction of a cruise casino in 2017, promising to finish it in three years. It will be the world’s biggest gambling and entertainment venue among all floating casinos: the 300-meter liner will be able to accommodate 3000 guests and 1000 waitstaff members.

The shipboard will offer 1300 comfortable rooms and numerous amusement points: shops, restaurants, fitness centers, boutiques. A gambling area will provide slots and card tables. Crusino is supposed to be established in this April.

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Shambala and Naga Vladivostok

Primorye gambling zone will add two venues in 2020. Shambala Casino should be available to players in the first half of the year, opening 500 jobs for local citizens. In the next two years, one will build a hotel and an entertainment center near the gambling house, increasing the number of jobs up to 1000. An exact date of the establishment of the second casino, Naga Vladivostok, is still unknown.

Furthermore, one will construct a casino within Siberian Coin in the Altai Territory this year. The project will be entirely implemented in 2024. Its budget is 3.6 billion RUB. The first stage implies premises for 300 slots and 10 card tables. Hotels, casinos, and leisure areas will be the second and the third stages.

You will be able to learn more about the prospects of gambling industry development and the latest trends at Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference to be held on March 5.

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