Is It Possible to Increase Gambling Traffic Using Teaser Advertising?

Is It Possible to Increase Gambling Traffic Using Teaser Advertising?

To ensure the stable flow of online casino customers, affiliates apply various methods of attracting potential players. They differ in efficiency and costs. One of the simplest and fruitful techniques for acquiring new clients is teaser advertising.

How to work with teaser traffic? What are the features and advantages of this kind of advertising? What does a teaser showcase mean? How to use it? All answers can be found in the article.

Teaser advertising: its concept and role

Teaser advertising: its concept and role

Teaser is a pop-up image. It generally contains an eye-catching inscription. The goal of similar advertising is to attract user attention and encourage them to enter the advertiser’s website.

Teasers in the gambling sector are quite an efficient and relatively cheap method of obtaining new clients on casino and betting websites. Ads can display banknotes, happy people, or slot machines along with an appealing text.

Pros and cons of teaser advertising

Before creating teasers, you should examine all of their advantages and disadvantages. Benefits:

  • a cost per click is much lower than in contextual advertising;

  • an advertisement dummy is easy to design: it is made in the personal account of the teaser network;

  • a precisely selected audience and wide reach: the system independently defines when to show advertising and for whom in order to make it as efficient as possible;

  • a large increase in new customers caused by impressions;

  • ad blocking programs do not recognize teasers as spam;

  • a possibility to choose a teaser network.


  • potential dumping of competitor companies because of low advertising cost;

  • too many teasers on the website can slow down its operational speed;

  • the campaign efficiency is quite poor in case of incorrect ads;

  • promotion of specific niche goods is not allowed.

An online platform serving as an intermediary between the customer (either an arbitrage specialist or a casino/betting marketer) and the website owner is called a teaser network.

A cooperation scheme is as follows:

  • casino representatives or partners register in the teaser network;

  • they create an advertisement and adjust a promotional campaign;

  • website owners register their resource in the system;

  • a teaser platform provides webmasters with ad blocking codes to add them on the website;

  • when advertising appears on the website, engaged users follow it and enter the online casino. Webmasters obtain a fixed payment or a percent when consumers perform a certain action.

Such a cooperation is beneficial to all participants.

Rules of arbitrage operation with a teaser network

  1. Define a target audience for a particular offer. Otherwise, the ad efficiency will be extremely low because the results depend on those who see it. A precise consumer profile will enhance the campaign pay-off period.

  2. Select the best teaser network. Reliable networks collaborate with a huge amount of platforms and their traffic is protected from click fraud. Some networks offer an additional service: sending of push notifications.

  3. A teaser advertisement is not just a spectacular image with a random phrase. It is primarily aimed at intriguing, surprising, and astonishing users so that they click on the ad. This is how teasers differ from contextual advertising and ordinary banners.

  4. The availability of a conversion landing page for clicks on ads. If it is unattractive and inconvenient, the number of visitors will decrease despite advertising budgets.

  5. The systematic data analysis and campaign optimization. You should constantly change banner images and texts, audience settings, as well as monitor the performance of each campaign.

  6. You’d better work with a familiar product. Specialists involved in a single niche know better the audience, its interests, and methods of attracting potential clients.

Differences between teaser advertising and other ad types as well as its features

Differences between teaser advertising and other ad types as well as its features

This kind of advertisement combines banner and context advantages. Teasers easily fit into website design and immediately catch user attention. Banners can be blocked by special software while teaser advertising has escaped this fate. Its reach is much greater in comparison with contextual advertising, which allows to reduce substantially campaign expenses.

Teasers feature a high CTR (click-through rate). To make it productive, a landing page should be high-quality and user-friendly. A campaign consisting of several teasers (the so-called showcase) will generate more traffic than common ads. Statistics of each one will reveal what teasers result in the best performance.

Teaser advertising is one of the techniques for promoting betting shops or online casinos. However, it will cause the steady sales growth only in case of proper implementation and adjustment.

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