How to evaluate key performance indicators (KPI) of an online casino

How to evaluate key performance indicators (KPI) of an online casino

As forecasted by Slotegrator, iGaming would grow by 11-12% over the next two years. To get real income in this prospective sphere, casino owners need to provide the precise evaluation of their business return. So, what are the basic metrics for performance appraisal (KPI) of iGaming platforms and what are their peculiarities?

What is KPI?

What is KPI

One can launch a successful gambling business on the Net in two stages. The first one lies in technical nuances such as license purchasing, platform obtaining, adding games to it, software integration. The second stage is of the same importance including promotion and other marketing issues: gamer attraction and retention, a launch of effective loyalty and affiliate programs.

KPIs allow to estimate the efficiency of a marketing plan. These metrics are methods used to evaluate and calculate the revenue of a virtual resource.

They are helpful at not only appraising current achievements but also determining further actions to promote the platform: advantages and disadvantages of the strategies. KPIs in online gambling business are divided into several key categories:

  • financial KPI;

  • human KPI;

  • hybrid KPI.

What are their differences and subtypes?

Financial KPI

Financial KPI

Financial indicators give the clearest and most transparent picture of profitable investments. They show the revenue and loses volume and allow to monitor the trends. There are several types of financial indicators.

  • Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR). One of the most important success indicators that is pretty easy to calculate. One has to take the total quantity of winnings from the total amount of bets. Thus, this indicator shows the money lost by clients before the deduction of all costs.

  • Net Gaming Revenue (NGR). Gross revenue minus all operating expenses. They include commissions, affiliate payout, bonuses, payment for gambling licenses. This is real net revenue of a casino. It allows to access the project’s profitability over a certain period.

  • NGR/SumDEP. Net revenue from players’ deposits. The higher the indicator is, the better for an online establishment.

  • SumBet/SumDep. It helps estimate money turnover in games. Pay attention to its growth: it means that a casino pays too many bonuses for users.

Human KPI

Human KPI

Indicators based on a human factor are as important as financial ones. They cannot be referred to separately. One has to appraise their influence and interconnection. Such metrics are divided into two groups - major and minor.

Major indicators: conversion, life-time value, churn rate.

Conversion. This indicator shows the efficiency of an online gambling resource in terms of client attraction. It is given in clear figures: how many users reacted to advertising (a banner or a link) in contrast to those who saw it but did not move forward.

Conversion helps track and analyze general traffic, correctly distribute bonuses, and see whether promotional expenses pay off. It consists of the following indicators:

  • viewing – visiting;

  • visiting – registration;

  • registration – deposit.

Life-time value (LTV). One of the most important indicators directly connected to casino success. This metric is the total amount of money a client brings to the platform over the time of his/her activity. The majority of marketing strategies are aimed to boost this indicator. LTV is calculated out of the following formula: client average revenue over a month (or a week) divided by the number of months (weeks) of his/her activity on the website.

Churn rate (CR). The lower this indicator is, the more successful a casino works. CR shows how many people leave the resource. It demonstrates the correlation between gamblers who quit a casino and loyal clients. In case if CR goes up, owners of gambling resources should rethink the customer retention strategy.

There are two minor KPIs: bounce rate and session depth. They come in handy if one needs to analyze the pitfalls of the resource and build a sophisticated program of updates.

Cost per acquisition (CPA). This indicator clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of costs spent on a client who performed certain actions: clicking the link, registering, depositing. Low CPA (expenses on one user) is a good result. The indicator can be calculated in this way: month’s advertising money is divided by the number of active users who joined the casino within this period. The best result is when the income they generate for this resource covers ad expenses.

Average revenue per user (ARPU). It shows the average revenue of a loyal client within a certain time period. The formula is fairly simple: casino income over let’s say a month is divided by the number of active users over the same period.

Monitoring and analyzing KPI

analyzing KPI

KPIs should be collected via special software, simply put, an online casino platform. It allows to obtain exact results and avoid human errors. Due to automation and special programs, the system continuously collects data.

Surely, this process cannot be feasible without a high-quality and reliable gambling platform that produces reports and statistics, takes into account all financial data and maximum information about user actions.

Reliable and top-market software ensures:

  • quick interaction with clients and affiliates;

  • analysis and accounting of all financial transactions;

  • automated processing of massive data volumes;

  • basic analytics tools.

However, data collection and linking together is just one step in this process. Obtained information goes to experienced analysts who draw necessary conclusions and build an online casino development strategy.


As estimated by the analysts at iGaming Business, the total revenue in the field of gambling in 2018 reached €44.4 bn and is to surge over €56.8 bn in 2022. In order to gain considerable income in such a highly competitive sphere, online casino owners need to take into account key performance indicators (KPIs) to the fullest.

Each metric is important both separately and integrated into others. So, the indicators have to be investigated as a whole. Multi-level analysis conducted by experienced marketers may calculate profitability of a gambling platform as well as elaborate a strategy for its further development.

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