Cloaking and Gambling. How Does It Work?

Cloaking and Gambling. How Does It Work?

Gambling is one of the most profitable niches for arbitrage, but the majority of beneficial offers do not comply with the rules of the biggest traffic exchanges. This problem can be solved thanks to cloaking, i.e. a concealment technology for content. How does it work?

What is cloaking and what purposes does it serve?

What is cloaking and what purposes does it serve?

The technology is intended to change the data concerning where exactly a webmaster or arbitrage specialist drives traffic. In what cases can one require to conceal content? For example, when one works on social media with such niches as gambling, weight loss, and replicas. Besides, this technique can help to conceal data about profitable approaches from competitors and representatives of affiliate programs.

The core idea of cloaking is that content falls into two types and users see either one or another type of information:

  • On social media, moderators and bots see white content, which fully complies with the rules and does not raise suspicions, allowing avoiding a ban.

  • By clicking on the link, potential customers see the real information and an aggressive landing page that prompts to fulfill the required action.

Cloaking is necessary for people who want to work efficiently with different grey offers that can bring a high income. Besides, it helps to work with white content, which is forbidden to advertise on standalone (and very decent) traffic sources.

Types of cloaking

White hat cloaking is the technology intended to recognize JavaScripts and cookies. Websites with paid subscriptions rely on this principle: only those users that have paid for content have access to it. Allowed types also involve cloaking used to define the geolocation of the user and the type of the user’s Internet browser.

Grey hat cloaking is used to redirect link weight in order to avoid the indexation of duplicate content by search engines. In the case of the grey hat cloaking very close to the prohibited type, link weight is redirected to irrelevant sources. When you choose it, take into account that search engines can punish this practice.

Black hat cloaking is used for the complete substitution of content when the user visits the landing pages incorrectly recognized by search engines, and ultimate search engine results do not correspond with the initial query. This type is used for traffic arbitrage when you handle the offers that are impossible to promote with white hat methods. For example, if the webmaster needs to get the approval of ads from social media moderators. This type of cloaking is necessary to work with Facebook, Vkontakte, and Instagram.

Several years ago, correctly built cloaking allowed webmasters to get additional traffic for a long time. Now one needs to be careful with this method: you should reset and double-check everything several times per day not to fall under a ban.

Cloaking for social media

Cloaking for social media

To cloak successfully on social media or with AdWords, avoiding the threat of being banned, three essential components are needed:

  • Safe or neutral page. A landing page that fully complies with the requirements of the advertising platform and does not provoke any suspicions.

  • Selling page for potential customers (money page). An ordinary landing page with the required call to action, as well as the affiliate link. It contains a real product or service promoted by the webmaster.

  • Cloaking software. It can be a script provided by themed services (, or a tracker intended to work with two flows at once.

The key to successful cloaking is to recognize the moderators and bots of the advertising platform and to separate them from the target audience of the offer.

Here are several ways that help to find and sift moderators:

  • User Agent that checks with the list of values and offers one or the other page variant for displaying;

  • ISP (Internet service provider);

  • User IP compared with the list of values.

On the web, you can find special lists of IP addresses of ad exchanges for webmasters. Besides, you can figure out IP addresses on your own: you need to single out visits from the same IP address after the approval of the ad (these addresses belong to moderators). Further, the webmaster can act in one of the abovementioned ways, all of which have one core: to direct bots and moderators to the white website, and to show users the needed landing page.

In order to do so, you can arrange for the moderators to be redirected to the website that complies with the rules, and all the rest – to the landing page. Or vice versa, to send moderators to the white page by default, and to redirect potential customers to the landing page using settings.

There are specialized services that allow cloaking without extra efforts, suiting both newbies and seasoned webmasters. The examples of such resources are PeerClick, IM KLO, FraudFilter. They differ in price and functionality.

To conclude

Using cloaking, the webmaster can obtain a great amount of quality traffic from good sources, and later drive it to necessary offers. Cloaking skills allow earning more money and taking on the most profitable niches, in particular, gambling. At the same time, you need to factor in that bots and checking systems of exchanges are advancing, meaning that cloaking should be reasonable and elaborated.

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