How to earn on YouTube? 2018’s affiliate programs for newcomers

How to earn on YouTube? 2018’s affiliate programs for newcomers

YouTube is a platform allowing to not only share videos but also receive payment for it. According to the YouTube official blog, the amount of video bloggers earning $100,000 in 12 months has increased by 40% over the past year.

One can most frequently earn on YouTube using affiliate programs: one of the key monetization resources. The article explains how newcomers can receive income and what affiliate programs they should choose.

Concept of YouTube affiliate program

Concept of YouTube affiliate program

The YouTube affiliate program is a way to monetize your own channel and begin to obtain profit from your videos using advertising.

For this purpose, a channel author should join an affiliate program and place advertising of various goods and services.

There are two types of YouTube affiliate programs: integrated and external. An integrated or internal one is offered by YouTube, but it is unprofitable to those who are just launching their channels on the platform. The fact is that the resource has applied the stricter participation rules: to get a status of partner, you should have at least 1000 subscribers. Besides, your channel should collect 4000 views within the recent year.

However, beginning YouTubers find an alternative: they connect to external affiliate programs. Such programs are designed by companies producing goods or by third parties helping newbies to grow their businesses.

YouTube affiliate programs for newcomers

YouTube affiliate programs for newcomers

Exterior affiliate programs can be less demanding of channel authors. Several years ago, a lot of media networks were ready to partner with green bloggers collecting only 10 subscribers.

However, not only did the YouTube internal affiliate program toughen the participation terms, but the majority of affiliate networks also increased a minimum barrier to entry. Thus, there are few affiliate programs for beginners. Frequently, even 500 subscribers are insufficient to participate in a media network.

Nevertheless, some media networks who are ready to cooperate with newcomers on YouTube still work and have a range of advantages over the YouTube interior affiliate program:

  • fewer requirements to originality of author’s content;
  • more withdrawal methods;
  • an access to additional promotion tools;
  • educative events;
  • a public access to thorough statistics of the channel.

Despite the advantages, cooperating with an external affiliate program, bloggers receive a limited amount of profit: a part of earnings are given to the media network. By the way, experienced bloggers do not recommend newcomers to conclude long-term agreements with media networks. It is better to start with short-term ones.

Affiliate programs for beginning YouTubers

Affiliate programs for newcomers who have a minimum number of subscribers are given below.

Iricom NetworkIricom Network

Network is YouTube’s affiliate network launched in 2010. Its main difference from the majority of similar media networks is minimum requirements to a channel desiring to start cooperation.

To become a partner of Iricom Network, you should just submit an application. When considering it, the affiliate network pays attention to the channel dynamics: if bloggers have not yet collected a huge amount of subscribers and views but show a positive growth dynamics, Iricom Network is ready to collaborate.

Moreover, the media network offers professional advice and education as well as assistance in the channel development. The affiliate program is willing to help newbies increase a number and time of views and enhance an amount of subscribers. Iricom Network guarantees bloggers 80% of profit from placed advertising.


BuzzMyVideos also assists YouTube greenhorns in promoting their channels and beginning to generate income. To join the affiliate program, you should reach the age of majority and shoot videos without violating author’s rights.

BuzzMyVideos allows to improve the channel rating, increase an amount of subscribers, and enhance earnings. At the same time, the affiliate network consults bloggers on author’s rights and provides the afterhours support.

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