How to boost players conversion in an online casino

How to boost players conversion in an online casino

As shown in the statistics of the Conversion portal, the online gambling market has grown by €4.3 bn within 2018. It is expected to rise by €3.9 bn in 2019, and continue going up year by year. The number of players who like high stakes in online gambling is increasing. That is why the key to success in an online casino lies in right attraction and retention of the audience.

Follow the article to find out how to boost players conversion in an online casino.

How to retain players in an online casino

There exists a couple of methods to establish retention of a player in an online casino: limited time of in-game events, push notifications, CRM systems, and VIP management.

Limited timeLimited time of in-game events

In-game activities allow players to get awards for completing certain tasks, which encourages them to continue playing. Such activities include ticket tournaments held within a limited time period (24-48 hours). Holidays are also a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your creativity (Easter, New Year, International Women's Day, etc.)

For example, you can prepare a special offer with a step-by-step price increase. Users deposit money until they get a final bonus. Try to make promotional offers as creative as you can, and then they will attract new clients and return old ones.

Push notificationsPush notifications

The most important thing in working with push notifications lies in making them different from spam. They should be funny, recall players’ previous gambling experience and inform about interesting stuff. This tool will be useful for betting companies and online casinos because of the possibility of communication and interaction with active players.

For example, some betting apps send clients push notifications reminding of upcoming races or games. In such a way, they encourage them to place quick bets based on an individual gambling history. The case studies demonstrate that push notifications raise the level of audience’s interaction with an app by 40% and customer retention – by up to 116%.

CRM systemsCRM systems

CRM (customer relationship management) is a way to retain the best players and get the highest income out of marketing investment. CRM systems help establish close relationships with clients, classify them depending on the expenses history, and general in-game preferences.

CRM systems may also assist in collecting statistical data on players: time spent in a game view, average bets, wins and losses, plans of the future bet on sports events, etc. This information helps predict attendance and desired rewards of every player, and as a result, create customized promotional offers.

When building a client attraction strategy, one should remember ineffective tools such as any kind of spam (e-mail, forums), black SEO, etc.

Another vital aspect: the smaller a company is, the more well-elaborated promotional offers should be. Bonuses and other types of encouragement are not the limit – think over unique and unforgettable impressions to present your players. Explore your competitors and the market from a point of view of business and a player.

How special offers influence player retention


Special offers are a perfect solution to promote cross-selling. For example, clients who prefer slots and casinos are more likely to be interested in special offers calling to place sports bets.

Such apps are useful for launching new games – the target audience may show interest in free games and spins.

The most popular types of promotional offers are as follows:

  • bonuses: free spins (online casino) or free bets (betting), various deposit rewards such as greetings, rewards for a recurring deposit, bonuses for invited friends;
  • free game (permanent or trial version) is a possibility to play a free-of-charge game (usually, casino or poker) with no bet on real money;
  • cashback of lost money;
  • frequent player points (FPP) – a loyalty program allowing to get points for activity on a gambling website and then spend them on various types of rewards.

However, when creating promotional offers, you shouldn’t steal creative ideas of the competitors. Think over interesting offers and unexpected bonuses that wouldn’t leave a player cold.

registration formHow a registration form affects player retention

A registration form is an intermediary stage that should be quick and easy because users mostly do not want to share much of the personal data or waste time. In this case, required fields are the most widespread mistake.

In fact, registration forms have so many fields to collect as much information as possible for advertising campaigns. However, there exist a lot of ways to minimize user’s actions.

The registration form should require minimum necessary information. If you aim at quality, not quantity, then make data analysis and conclusions your main focus.

VIP management is another aspect to pay attention to. Take care of all possible privileges, special offers, additional bonuses, free tickets to various events, and services of a special VIP manager. All these aspects would single a VIP client out of all the rest players. Moreover, VIP clients will gladly pay extra money.

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