How to promote online casinos

How to promote online casinos

How to promote online casinos? A marketing campaign always means investments. Frequently, they affect project success. Just asking friends to tell social media about your online casino will hardly be enough. Let’s examine the ways of online casino advertising.

How to develop online casinos? It is harder without license

online casinos license

Many countries prohibit brick-and-mortar and online gambling business. Therefore, you should obtain a license in a country permitting this activity. Possibility to legalize gambling business appeared in the Republic of Belarus in 2011.

The availability of necessary document inspires players’ confidence, enhances customer loyalty, and establishes enterprise’s image. These factors will definitely have an impact on the PR aspect because it is not quite difficult to promote a legal online casino. Besides, users will place bets with more pleasure, making sure that each remittance operation is protected, the website won’t disappear after transaction, and all winnings will be paid off.

Gambling licensing often requires lots of time and large investments. However, your business will be under the auspices of competent authorities. Jurisdictions of some countries protect entrepreneurs and their enterprises in case of fulfilling all the permission requirements. They provide benefits and guarantees, open enormous opportunities for abroad business operations, and offer legal support. And this is just a small list of legal online casino advantages.

Marketing and online casinos: website optimization

website optimization

SEO optimization.

With direct gambling advertising being prohibited in many countries creation of gambling-related websites can be a solution. Such resources allow to place corresponding information and, most importantly, links to your online casino. This kind of websites will be involved in a marketing campaign without violating the law. Affiliates and satellites help to enter top positions in search engines. You should remember about a user-friendly interface and relevant content complying with the search query. It will improve indexing and generate traffic.


Website optimization aimed at attracting social media users. Customers from social networks, forums, blogs and so on should be familiar with your website or app. Atmosphere has to be sympathetic in order to build loyalty and increase conversion of your resource.


Promotion on social media where one creates activity related to online casinos.

SEO, SMO, and SMМ optimizations are highly efficient taken together if there is a well-elaborated strategy.

Online casino marketing using other means

Online casino marketing

  • Partnership with major websites is actually the same affiliate network protected by the inner rules. Well-known online platforms lead customers to your online gambling venue and charge a fee for their attraction. An affiliate program allows to apply in online casinos such marketing tools as banners, teasers, context advertising, and website bases.
  • Pay per click (PPC). SEO promotion is a gradual and long-term phenomenon, while PPC immediately brings your specialized websites with links to online casino to the top search positions. There are several ways of working with these systems. You can choose the most appropriate one: paying to advertisers for each click or for thousand visitors of your website.
  • Streaming is quite popular now. Gaming marketing allows online casinos to successfully apply video reviews of games, slots, and poker rooms. Live broadcasting on the web will introduce your website to users, show its interface, and reveal all software features.
  • Video inserts and pre-rolls have captured YouTube and similar services. Each user has surely faced such clips before, during, and after watching any videos. Video hosting services significantly expand the audience for online casino advertising.
  • Web analytics is a substantial support for gambling. Reports, metrics, and charts will clearly show correct operation of your services, determine popularity of certain games, examine website conversion, and help you to learn more about customer preferences.
  • Rewarding systems, bonus codes, and special offers. Newsletters through target databases are an efficient way of promotion, which should be applied very carefully so that users won’t treat your attempts to allure them as spam. A pleasant surprise for players will be an encouragement for bringing their friends to the online casino. Besides, you can offer a free test game in order to spark clients’ interest and show your interface.

Marketing provides modern online casinos with a wide range of opportunities for advertising and growing this business. To achieve success, it is better to use them together. It will be difficult for newcomers to cope with such an activity, thus they can address a professional marketing agency.

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