How Online Casino Mirrors Work and What Purpose They Serve

How Online Casino Mirrors Work and What Purpose They Serve

Access to online casinos can be restricted due to various reasons such as hacking attacks, blocked domain, or software failures. Online casino mirror helps to solve these problems and provides players with anytime access to the gambling website. What is it and how does it work?

What is a mirror site of the casino?

An online casino mirror is a reliable tool that provides players with access to the resource even when the main domain is blocked. In fact, a mirror is just an additional functional address, where casino customers can freely play their favorite slots.

The main feature of mirrors is the fact that such websites are exact replicas of online casinos with all the recorded information about losses and winnings. Gamblers can do the same things there as on the main resources, for example, to log into their profiles using a login and a password, deposit money and play, place bets, withdraw winnings.

Online casinos can have many mirrors, as their number is not restricted, and one can set up new mirrors when required. The reason is that such backup addresses can be also blocked, so casino owners are interested in setting up new versions. This helps not to lose the customer flow.

What is a mirror site of the casino?

Why online casinos use mirrors?

Companies that encounter bans of regulators and start losing customers in certain countries often use additional functional links leading to the casino. However, the purpose of mirrors is not only to bypass official rules.

In countries that allow online gambling, people also use mirrors. The aim is to reduce the load on the basic server of the casino – especially when the number of customers is big. Large gambling companies that care about the quality of provided services should use this tool to distribute the flow of customers among servers equally.

There can be several functional links to the online casino – depending on the size and operation scale of the company. It may happen that mirrors are also blocked or overloaded, so it is important to register several backup addresses for a big casino.

How to use casino mirrors efficiently

Serious gambling resources regularly update their mirrors in order not to lose customers and provide them with constant access. This is essential, as fraudsters can use blocking and malfunctions in website operation for the so-called phishing.

The idea of this fraudulent technique is that cheaters create a clone of the official website and disguise it as an official mirror. However, the phishing website is some other site – with other conditions and peculiarities. The goal of such a forgery is to cheat gamblers and pocket their money. For this reason, it is very important to inform players about the real mirrors of online casinos.

Information about new mirrors of the casino sometimes does not reach users in time. It can disappoint a gambler that goes to another resource and does not find himself on a supposedly blocked online casino. Besides, the player can get scammed.

For this reason, online casino owners have to take care of building awareness in advance. They can resort to emailing, messengers, or update news on social media. If the main website is blocked, additional communication channels will help to inform gamblers about the availability of a website mirror, as well as send them a link to the mirror.

Advantages of casinos with mirror sites

If the online casino has mirrors, the customer gets a guarantee of having access to the account even if the main website becomes unavailable. It allows users not to worry about the security of their deposits and grows the trust in the resource. Besides, it gives the possibility to use the bonuses with an expiration date in time.

One can access a blocked resource using the VPN technology, but it decelerates data exchange, the website can stutter, and the computer and apps slow down greatly. When you use online casino mirrors, such problems do not occur.

Online casinos with mirror sites have the following advantages:

  • a timely developed mirror site allows customers to get access to the deposits in their accounts at any time;

  • bonuses do not expire due to the technical malfunctions and temporary lack of access to the resource;

  • computer or mobile device capacity does not decrease as in the case when you use the VPN technology;

  • IP addresses of customers that use the same VPN can overlap, which may lead to a mess with payouts – mirror sites exclude such a possibility.

All of it helps casino owners to retain existing customers and increase their loyalty level. To make mirrors efficient, it is necessary to take care of this issue in time, not after the resource is blocked.

 Advantages of casinos with mirror sites

Examples of online casino mirrors

With the introduction of restrictive measures in different countries, many big casinos prefer setting up several mirrors. Besides, serious companies use this practice, as they become a target of hacking attacks. Concerning the companies based in the CIS, Vulcan Casino and Azartplay set up the biggest number of mirror sites. They are large platforms with a big number of customers in different countries, and therefore, often fall under filters, and suffer from increased attention of Internet scammers. Here are several popular casinos with official mirrors.

Joycasino has been operating in the market since 2014. The casino holds the license of Curacao and provides customers with access to several mirrors.

Vulcan Casino is a well-known resource with over a dozen functional versions, which have their own mirror sites. The casino offers a wide range of games and works with affiliates.

Rox Casino is popular in Eastern European countries, holds the official license of Curacao, and offers users several official mirrors of the main site.

Online casino customers should monitor the updates of casino mirrors in order to timely respond to blockings, have access to deposits, and avoid the situations of cheating.

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