How to Attract Traffic Using Affiliate Networks

How to Attract Traffic Using Affiliate Networks

In the era of active web development, affiliate marketing has become one of the most efficient ways to attract customers. For this reason, many online business owners use this marketing tool today.

What does the advertiser need to know about affiliate networks and how to drive the maximum of traffic using them? Read in the article below.

Why does the advertiser
need affiliate networks?

Affiliate networks are services that act as intermediaries between advertisers, webmasters, affiliates, and arbitrage specialists. Business owners place their offers of goods or services on such platforms. In their turn, affiliates advertise them on different websites and receive rewards for bringing customers to the advertiser website. The CPA network takes a certain percentage of affiliates’ cash reward for its intermediary services.

Advantages of traffic acquisition using affiliate networks:

  • reduction of advertising campaign costs. Webmasters and arbitrage specialists are paid for specific results – driving traffic. This approach allows the provider of goods or services to avoid expenses on inefficient advertising;
  • powerful traffic acquisition technique. By specifying requirements to the audience, you can drive a greater amount of targeted traffic;
  • control over expenditure. The advertiser can decide for what actions to reward the affiliates. They can be clicking on the ad, registration on the website, or making a purchase at the online store, depositing at the online casino. Besides, the entrepreneur independently sets the cost of every lead. As a result, he can calculate the cost of acquiring a certain number of customers;
  • marketing of goods and services gets simpler. If the online business owner uses affiliate networks, he does not need to select websites for placing ads and look for specialists that will distribute ads. To place offers on the affiliate platform is sufficient.

How to choose an affiliate network?

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Today there is a wide range of affiliate networks in the market. Some platforms are field-specific, containing offers in certain niches. For example, they can work only with gambling organizers or online stores. Other services unite commercial offers of different segments. Their assortment can consist of offers from tourism companies, betting companies, and cosmetics producers.

The affiliate network you choose influences the amount and quality of traffic that you can attract to your website. Therefore, you should choose the platform responsibly.

When you decide on joining a certain CPA network, pay attention to the following nuances:

  • reputation and publicity. Give preference to services with a good record of accomplishments. To learn more about the aggregator, read feedbacks of advertisers and webmasters that have already worked with it. Market leaders run operations transparently. You can always find information about the number of companies and affiliates they work with on their websites;
  • conditions of work. To make the partnership with the CPA network productive, you should understand how it tracks the performance of webmasters, what requirements it sets to advertisers, affiliates, etc.;
  • the number of webmasters that joined the network. The more owners of websites or blogs work with the aggregator, the more traffic will be driven to your site;
  • the possibility to communicate with affiliates. Building a direct contact between the advertiser and affiliates is a win-win for both parties, as it allows maintaining and strengthening close business relations. Advertisers can voice their requirements on traffic quality, and affiliates can give advice on the formation of offers;
  • monitoring of traffic quality and payouts. As an intermediary, the affiliate network should make sure that advertisers and webmasters fairly fulfill their tasks and obligations. Affiliates have to drive good-quality traffic to the advertiser website, and advertisers have to pay for work;
  • availability of statistics. We are talking about the in-house statistics that shows all data related to traffic. The affiliate network should provide information as to where users come to the advertiser website from, how much money the webmaster made on every click, etc. This helps to track the efficiency of affiliates’ performance;
  • the possibility to provide consultations. Affiliate program aggregators that take care of their customers inform advertisers about the main principles of their work and provide them with necessary consultations.

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What to pay attention
to when you create an offer?

After registering with one or several affiliate networks, the online business owner needs to create offers. The main task of the advertiser is to develop commercial offers that can interest webmasters and arbitrage specialists. The more affiliates agree to market your goods or services, the more traffic you will attract.

To make the offers eye-catching, it is important to describe them correctly. Among other things, it is necessary to mention the following aspects:

  • information about the advertiser, goods, and services. The description should contain the history, achievements, opportunities, and advantages of the company, as well as characteristics of sold goods or services;
  • description of the target audience. The more accurately you describe the profile of a potential customer, the easier it is for the webmaster to understand whether he can generate the required traffic. The offer has to include such user characteristics as gender, age, marital status, income level, country or city of residence, interests, etc.;
  • desired action. Here it is important to specify what action the user has to perform for the affiliate to get a cash reward;
  • financial terms of collaboration. The advertiser has to set the sum that affiliates will get for brought users. The amount of the reward can be different for every type of the desired action, category of goods, or type of traffic. If you place the same offers at different affiliate networks, it would be better to set different rates. Many specialists work with several affiliate programs, so it is possible that they will see the difference in rates and will choose a more profitable offer;
  • types of traffic. You have to define what sources affiliates can use to drive traffic. They can be content sites, contextual, banner ads, teaser and banner ad networks, doorways, pop-ups, etc. Besides, it is essential to specify types of traffic that you do not welcome;
  • advertising materials. Provide affiliates with a wide range of creatives that they can place on their websites and blogs. Promotional materials can include banner ads, landing pages, widgets, and many other things;
  • advantages against the background of competitors. Tell affiliates why your offer is better than offers of other companies. For example, you can differ from other advertisers by the availability of bonuses, minimum term of verification, etc.

Payment models
of affiliate networks

Today the most widespread payment model of affiliate networks is СРА (cost per action). In this model, the supplier of goods or services pays the affiliate a cash reward when attracted users make the desired action. This model is popular in such niches as product, nutra, iGaming, etc.

Depending on the kind of action, there are the following types of the СРА model:

  1. CPS – cost per sale;
  2. CPL – cost per lead, where the reward is paid for filling the form with contact details (upon registration, the arrangement of subscription, etc.);
  3. CPI – cost per install.

Besides, affiliate networks use such payment models as СРС (cost per click), which involves paying for clicks on ads, and СРМ (cost per mille). The latter involves paying for 1000 ad impressions.

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How to make the offer attractive?

To bring more traffic to your website, you need to build efficient partnerships with affiliates. For this purpose, you can use the following methods and approaches.

  • High, regular, and quick payouts. The possibility to receive a high income is a good incentive for work. If the affiliate understands that driving traffic to your website can bring him decent revenue, he will promote your goods or services more willingly. Besides, it is important to make payouts regularly and with no delays. This increases trust in the advertiser. At the same time, experts do not recommend increasing rates to the bad. When you define the payout amount, it is necessary to orient towards market prices.
  • Availability of bonuses. Incentivize affiliates for good work. For example, if the affiliate helps you to earn a certain amount, reward him with a fixed bonus.
  • Conduct of drawings and contests. Organize a competition among affiliates that work with your website. For example, you can organize a contest to detect the affiliate that gets the biggest number of leads in a restricted time. Presents to winners can be cash, gadgets, travel packages, etc.
  • Individual terms of collaboration for top webmasters. You can offer increased rates, exclusive tools, and unique advertising materials to the best affiliates.
  • High speed of holds. The advertiser has to check regularly whether the attracted users have truly fulfilled the desired action, for example, made a purchase. The quicker the verification procedure is the quicker affiliates will get their rewards.
  • Inform about updates of assortment, new special offers, or sales. If you have some interesting offers for customers, for example, a top game has been integrated into the casino website, inform affiliates. They can use this information to promote your website.

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