How to attract and retain online casino players using a jackpot

How to attract and retain online casino players using a jackpot

An alluring winning is one of the basic tools allowing to expand the audience of online gambling resources. A maximum winning sum is called jackpot. It is this tool that can catch the interest of users and encourage them to keep playing. Well, what is the operational concept of jackpots? And what are their kinds?

Jackpot features

A jackpot as an advertising tool is used in lotteries, drawings, gambling slots, and, since recently, in live casinos with real dealers. Evolution Gaming was the first to offer it as part of a live casino: in 2017, the company introduced the Jumbo 7 jackpot with a startup capital of €1 million for Casino Hold’em.

Such winnings can be tremendous. For example, the US-based PowerBall lottery paid off $1.568 billion to the lucky one in 2016. It is no wonder that jackpots motivate gamblers to place huge bets and repeatedly return to the game in the hope of scooping a large profit.

Jackpots as a key way to attract users

Main advantages of jackpots for online gambling resources are their ability to expand the audience, make it more loyal, and improve the casino status.

Primary benefits of jackpots:

  • the platform engages more people desiring to gain a big sum;

  • the status of gambling venue is enhanced;

  • the resource follows the latest trends, which attracts more and more users.

Besides, there is a certain category of gamblers who participate only in drawings with a chance to hit the jackpot. Therefore, if casinos do not launch games with maximum sums of winnings, they can lose a financially reliable and active part of the audience, consisting of the so-called jackpot hunters. Such a method of player capture provides venues with a reputation of solid and reliable resource.

Standard classification of jackpots

There are several kinds of jackpots with their variation depending on the venue (land-based or online ones). Sums can be unchanged or can vary and be limited. They can be undesignated or specified.

Principal types of jackpots:

  • Fixed jackpot. The unchangeable jackpot, which size is announced publicly.

  • Progressive jackpot. The accumulative option where percentage from each bet increases the sum of final winning.

  • Secret jackpot. The accurate sum of this type is disclosed. There is fixed minimal and maximal limits. It is one of the popular alternatives for land-based clubs.

  • Double Trigger. Extra payments in a bonus game: their amount depends on bets, but a player is not aware of them.

  • Door Prize. The special prize for luckiness: for instance, a person authorizes in a slot under a certain number. It is a common option of encouragement for online gambling resources.

Moreover, jackpots vary in their application: for slot machines, online games, card games, and live casinos. Each venue has its own special aspects of the use of jackpots, but the general application scheme is the same: it consists of the establishment of prize pool and drawings that take place within a certain time gap.

Online gambling jackpots

Online casino jackpots arouse players’ interest and confidence with a clear and transparent pay-off mechanics. If gambling resources on the Web provide statistics, feature high percentage of winning pay-offs, and regularly give players a chance to obtain a maximum win, people will visit them to try their luck.

A tempting option for video slots is the one with double pay-offs in a bonus or risk game: it boosts chances to win and makes the process more exciting. The average size of online casino jackpots ranges up to $30,000, and the frequency of drawing depends on the scale of the resource.

Kinds of online venue jackpots

  • Stand Alone Progressive. The progressive jackpot is used in a single slot and totally depends on the amount or the size of bets (it consists of their percentage).

  • In-House. The sum is fixed according to bets in the slots network belonging to one owner. Jackpots are small but attractive due to the frequency of drawings. This type is popular in many online casinos and interesting for players who do not like to risk large sums.

  • Area Progressive. The jackpot is determined by charges on various gambling resources providing gambling slots by a single developer. In particular, such providers include NetEnt or Evolution Gaming: they give the prize to the winner. Similar jackpots can amount to millions of dollars like Microgaming’s winning of $5 million.

Live casino and card game jackpots

Not only slots with great prizes are popular on online gambling resources, but also card games. They offer to place bets in order to hit the jackpot as well. Video poker especially draws gamblers’ attention. The maximum jackpot is not too big: its ceiling value does not usually exceed $50,000. However, players frequently and actively make bets in video poker, increasing casinos’ profit.

The progressive jackpot system that holds drawing once in 43 hours can be quite efficient in these cases. It significantly improves players’ odds of winning, encouraging them to participate and bet, while the total bank does not reach the maximal rate. Therefore, casinos reduce risks to lose a huge sum on pay-offs and expand the audience.

Jackpot concept: player’s psychology

Jackpot drawings increase players’ sense of gambling and, correspondingly, inspire them to make bets. It is the desire to win that makes gamblers invent new methods, schemes, and ways to increase their chances to win. By the way, according to the results of multi-year research of player’s psychology, gambling games are attractive to players not only because of the possibility to get money.

An entertaining game:

  • initiates a psychological relief mechanism and decreases the stress level;

  • increases brain activity and attention;

  • improves the ability to handle stress and the nervous system condition.

Customer encouragement using a jackpot is an efficient way to allure players, motivate them, and make their games even more desirable and entertaining. In this case, money is a honeypot: not a promise but an offer to try their luck and take a chance to win. At the same time, gamblers relieve stress, relax, and sometimes obtain a big sum as a bonus (which motivates them to play once again). Moreover, one of the intriguing unspoken rules of gambling venues is the concept “Rookie's luck!” that helps to substantially expand the audience.

Taking into account players’ requests and aims, European operators have integrated a system allowing gamblers to set deposit limits, the highest sum of bets, and loosing rate on their own. Thus, they have managed to boost customers’ trust and invite new users to online resources.


The jackpot system is beneficial to both operators and gamblers. Players relax and satisfy their sense of gambling, while online casino owners receive the increase in new customers, motivate regular clients, and generate income. Jackpots undoubtedly have pros and cons.

Advantages include positive impact on casino success, and disadvantages include risks of pretty huge winnings when operators will face financial losses. But there is a little likelihood that somebody will scoop the largest profit: this is proved by the number of news about incredible wins.

A jackpot is an essential part of honest and transparent games, which is able to attract a large amount of players. Like other advertising tools, jackpots pay their way pretty fast and generate high revenue.

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