How to avoid Facebook account ban during gambling traffic generation

How to avoid Facebook account ban during gambling traffic generation

Facebook is a social media platform with over 1.6 billion users. Its audience is already formed and can be just targeted. So, how to work with gambling traffic so that your account won’t be banned?

Given below are several tips on dealing with one of the most popular social networks of recent years.

Specific nature of Facebook audience

Specific nature of Facebook audience

Facebook is the best possible option to enter the foreign market and to arbitrage on traffic targeting.

With Facebook users sharing enough detailed personal information, webmasters can determine the target audience portrait as accurately as possible. Besides, the platform provides convenient and simple metrics for determining the audience and advertising budget.

Its users are financially reliable.

Rules of Facebook account creation

Rules of Facebook account creation

You should think of ban prevention before registering an account. First off, it is better to use one dedicated server, one email address, and one phone number. All of them have to refer to the same region and not to intersect with blocked accounts. Otherwise, the new one will be blocked as well. Previously used profile pages are often banned.

You should choose bare-metal proxy servers, preferably ip4 or special proxies for Facebook. They can be found on specialized websites. Server settings will depend on the browser you use. For example, Chrome has the following operation algorithm:

  • you should initially enter the menu and select ‘Advanced settings’’;

  • then choose the ‘Network’ and ‘Change proxy settings’;

  • choose afterwards ‘LAN Settings’ in the ‘Connections’ tab and tick ‘Use a proxy server for your LAN’;

  • enter information and confirm it in ‘Address’ and ‘Port’ fields.

The account is registered via email and SIM card.

Thereafter,  you should fill the account with content to make it look true. For the sake of convenience, you can leave scheduled posts, but not often because users see a real date of publication.

Mass Following and Mass Liking were the popular ways of Facebook promotion. However, this method is inefficient today: fake and cheating accounts are promptly blocked. As an alternative, you can buy likes from hyped public pages.

To increase the chances, it is recommended to create a network of accounts for gambling purposes, at least 20 pieces. The same content can be used in all profiles, but it should be published using different devices and IP addresses in order to avoid ban.

Prior to traffic generation on Facebook, you should examine the general rules of social network operations. If certain conditions are violated, the account can be blocked. Thus, you should:

  • create high-quality content. Special attention should be given to the social media policy. If an account contains offensive posts, it will be banned;

  • support the activity of the resource. A page that has not been updated for a long time or a zero-activity community seem unattractive. To retain the interest of your social segment, you should regularly update content;

  • kindly communicate with your friends/followers. You should always remember about restraint and respect on social media, even if you respond to a hateful comment or negative feedback. Any screenshot of chat with disrespectful hints or lies can turn a couple of dissatisfied users into the whole crowd.

Operational aspects of Facebook gambling traffic

Operational aspects of Facebook gambling traffic

Take into account that the Facebook policy prohibits gambling advertising. You’d better begin with fair content: it will allow to form the attitude of social media moderators.

In general, there are several approaches to gambling offer promotion on Facebook:

  • true story: a story by a regular guy/girl who has succeeded using a casino. Such an approach requires lots of attention to details: photos should depict expensive cars, watches, gadgets, luxury resorts, etc.;

  • direct advertising: the easiest way, but with a high risk of banning;

  • traffic redirection to your website and then to the casino;

  • traffic redirection to Play Market mobile apps and then to the casino.

But this is not the only list of methods. Focusing on gambling traffic on Facebook, you should find your own approach. The main thing is not to be afraid of testing ideas.

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