Impact of online casino design on platform’s success

Impact of online casino design on platform’s success

Gambling online platforms aim to attract more and more users. Therefore, developers offer new upgraded products and use various casino promotion tools.

One of the key elements of success is platform design. An appropriate style plays a significant role in customer engagement and retention. The article reveals how to create a structure and design of a gambling website.

Online casino exterior

Online casino

Generally, the majority of players do not focus on platform design and colors. However, the exterior and user-friendly interface create favorable game conditions.

A general appearance of the page should be pleasant and credible. It can be achieved by:

  • simple and convenient registration;
  • notifications of coming offers;
  • high-quality fine images.

Casino logo is the first thing to draw user’s attention. It gives a certain impression about the platform and enhances brand awareness, thus, logo should be unique and interesting.

Making logo, take into account its:

  • awareness;
  • simplicity;
  • repressed style;
  • relevance.

Logo should always be relevant and retained in gamblers’ memory.

Besides, it is important to analyze the target audience while selecting platform design. Some online casinos try to simulate land-based gambling venues and offer the following:

  • twinkling lights;
  • the atmosphere of human presence;
  • dim lighting during the game;
  • background sound: the ring of coins and specific music;
  • dealer’s visualization.

Surely, not all website visitors may like such an atmosphere. Replicating the view of land-based casinos, designers frequently make a common mistake and go too far, scaring potential players.

So, there is no need to fully simulate a real casino. You can just select some pleasant decorations, for instance, red velvet and comfortable lighting.

Color range

Color range

Choosing a set of colors for online casinos, remember that it should result in a nice unirritating image that won’t cause eye fatigue.

Black shades will be appropriate for a gambling platform: such a ground color allows users to focus on content.

By the way, platform designers often choose red, dark blue, and green colors. These tones are perfectly combined and positively perceived by users.

You should seamlessly and harmoniously blend images, letters, and figures. Besides, the page should contain nothing in excess. Avoid violent colors, loud advertising, and distractive color transitions.

Website navigation

Website navigation

The platform should be structured so that users could easily and promptly find a required product or feature.

For example, a registration button should always be highly visible: it is usually placed at the upper right corner. It also refers to the signing in bar and payment service: buttons should be placed in such a way that players won’t waste their time for searching.

The platform should provide:

  • easy feature control;
  • a huge and structured range of entertainments;
  • accessible technical support;
  • a simple registration field.

Thus sorted games, brief registration forms, and operators communicating with users will attract more guests to the website and retain them.

Moreover, casino developers recommend choosing a flexible pattern. In this case, you will be able to make necessary modifications in platform structure and design according to the latest trends.

Do not forget that the website should:

  • provide a large number of payment methods;
  • offer a wide choice of entertainments from well-known developers;
  • include custom theming mechanisms;
  • be integrated with any browser;
  • have SEO support.

Case studies of successful casino design


An example of successful design is 888casino launched in 1997. The resource features lovely design without any complex transitions and gaudy advertising.

The 888casino gambling platform:

  • immediately informs users of registration bonuses;
  • divides games into categories;
  • explains the reason for using website services;
  • offers a list of winners, specifying their prizes;
  • directs attention to content using black background;
  • offers game descriptions for newcomers;
  • provides convenient navigation and simple pageflows.

Let’s sum up. Complying with the simple design rules, you can launch a successful and popular online casino. Pleasant design will attract new customers, while user-friendly features and clear navigation will assure visitors to stay on the website and join games.

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