HR in Gambling: List of Key Casino Positions and Recruitment Methods

HR in Gambling: List of Key Casino Positions and Recruitment Methods

To develop a gambling business successfully, it is not enough to obtain a license, accommodate casino premises, and install slot machines or gambling tables. You should also take care of hiring competent personnel to provide gambling venue operations.

What specialists should work in casinos? How to select and train the gambling staff? These issues are revealed in the article.

The list of obligatory casino employees

Land-based casinos can engage dozens of specialists: managers of various levels, dealers, administrators, lawyers, marketers, PR specialists, cashiers, hostesses, security guards, accountants, financial experts, technical personnel, etc.

Let’s examine the list of members playing a critical part in gambling venue activities.

General Manager

A General Manager is the second person after the casino owner. Such specialists are responsible for gambling facility operations. The whole personnel is subordinated to them.

General Managers can manage the gambling company, organize and control team performance, establish business relations, find business partners, and so on. They should also take measures for eliminating various casino challenges.

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Casinos can have several managers according to the gambling company structure. Each of them is in charge of certain obligations according to an occupied position. Some managers deal with individual areas, others have a broad list of assignments.

For example, certain managers monitor personnel activities or organize the leisure of customers. Other specialists can focus on marketing or recruitment.

The number of casino managers depends on various factors such as a company structure, policy, and revenues.

Pit Boss

A pit boss is one of the most in-demand and promising casino positions. They are Gaming Managers with broad powers.

Pit bosses supervise dealer operations and coordinate the work of other employees. They ensure that subordinates conduct games in compliance with the prescribed rules and are polite to clients. They should detect and combat fraud among employees or visitors. Besides, pit bosses resolve conflicts occurring during the game. Their duties can also include interaction with attendees.

Pit bosses can train the staff, draw up a work schedule for dealers, prepare reports on income at different gaming tables, and perform other tasks.


Due to the casino internal code of conduct as well as dealers’ experience and category, they can carry out a wide list of goals and take on the role of several gambling experts.

  • Playing croupiers work at the gambling table. They lead the gaming process, accept bets, deal cards, rotate roulette, etc.
  • Supervising dealers assist the playing ones. For instance, they accept cash, collect chips, and so on.
  • Stickmen work only at the craps table. They collect dice using the stick, a special craps stick that looks like a thin stick with a crook. They accept chips from gamblers and pay off bets to winners.
  • Boxmen are specialists who can exchange money for chips at the player’s discretion at the gambling table.
  • Chippers gather and sort chips, as well as handle card decks. They frequently help when main dealers fail to cope with their obligations because of the heavy workload.

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One dealer can simultaneously lead the game process, accept bets, exchange money, and accomplish other tasks. However, several specialists work at gaming tables at the same time in large land-based casinos, fulfilling a small scope of duties.


Inspectors control the work of dealers as well as monitor the actions of chippers and clients. They make sure that everyone abides the gambling rules and discover fraud. Such specialists are always at the gaming table.

Inspectors take a final decision in case of disputes. They inform the pit boss of serious incidents.

Cashier and slot machine operator

Cashiers are responsible for financial transactions in casinos: they exchange cash for chips and vice versa, as well as give winnings.

Slot machine operators should keep a wary eye on slot machine operations and check the availability of chips.

Security staff members

Representatives of the casino security department execute a wide list of goals:

  • defending the casino property;
  • providing the safety of personnel and visitors;
  • carrying out the face control. They also prevent minors from entering casinos;
  • controlling the room situation using security cameras. It is the job of cameramen. They should define violations among attendees and staff.

Selection and training of casino employees

The successful development of casinos is impossible without professional management and skillful personnel. Therefore, gambling business owners should take a careful approach to recruitment.

Currently, the gambling industry is extensively evolving. Nevertheless, some countries are lack of gambling staff. Thus, land-based casino recruiting can be a difficult task.

Nowadays, the gambling sector has two approaches to the establishment of the workforce.

  1. Hiring experienced specialists.
  2. Training from scratch.

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To find experienced employees, one can address a recruiting agency. Such companies can select personnel based on the requests of gambling business owners. Moreover, entrepreneurs can build a team on their own.

As to staff training, a lot of land-based casinos offer croupier courses. Training in similar schools is free of charge. Students even receive a scholarship allowance in some cases.

Lessons in croupier schools can last several months. Students obtain theoretical knowledge and learn all the features of dealer activities. They develop the motility of hands, explore skills of chip operations, and thoroughly study the gambling rules (poker, blackjack, craps, etc.).

For example, similar dealer schools are organized in the Primorye Territory (Russia) hosting one of the gambling zones. Such venues initiated training after establishing the first casino in the region. Students could study for free and get a scholarship allowance.

Belarus has the following schools as well. Various casinos invite students to the courses.

Furthermore, there are international specialized schools for croupiers, slot machine operators, and other gambling specialists. They include Croupier Training Academy, Cerus Casino Academy, Totally Gaming Academy, and others.

In addition, specialized schools train cashiers, wait staff, and bar attendants who are going to work at casino facilities. They learn how to provide services to guests in accordance with international standards, as well as get the necessary skills and knowledge.

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