Turnkey Online Casino: Advantages and Peculiarities of Purchase

Turnkey Online Casino: Advantages and Peculiarities of Purchase

Online casino or betting site is a promising and profitable business that brings quick returns and high revenue. A white label solution allows launching your own resource without extra efforts and time spent. What are its peculiarities and advantages?

How to open an online
casino independently

Gambling business has its own specifics and there are several ways to open an online casino. They differ in complexity level, investment sums, spent time. One of the options is to develop a gambling resource from scratch. It consists of several stages.

  • Analysis of market and potential competitors.
  • License acquisition in a proper jurisdiction.
  • Choice and purchase of software from a reliable supplier.
  • Development of an online casino website.
  • Integration of popular gambling content.
  • Brand marketing.

Initial capital and thorough understanding of market mechanisms are required. It is not that simple, as it seems, as the initial preparation stage and the launch of the project take much time and financial investment, as well as require the involvement of highly paid professionals in your team.

How to buy a turnkey
online casino

To launch an online gambling business quickly and seamlessly, one can make use of services of companies that develop turnkey gambling resources. Let us review the options offered in the modern market.

  • Development of a customized casino. One can turn to a trusted company that provides such services including licensing, building a website according to customer expectations, software integration. As a result, the entrepreneur gets a readymade functional product.
  • Franchise. The method applied in different business areas also finds use in the gambling industry. Its main idea is that the company buys the right to use and operate under the popular brand. Every franchise functions according to its own rules, which are important to fulfill carefully.
  • Casino script. It is a piece of code, a template for the future casino. This option costs cheaper than a fully functional product but requires follow-ups. The future owner will need to make changes in the code and may require the assistance of a specialist.
  • White label casino. This service involves the purchase (leasing) of products from the big company and launching them under your personal brand.

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White label: peculiarities
and advantages

The service is a relatively new for the former-Soviet market but successfully tested at the global scale format of a partnership between big companies and small firms. As part of the collaboration, well-known brands provide readymade products to smaller firms, and the latter promote their services under their name.

The white label format is a win-win collaboration that helps both the product seller and buyer to advance. Big companies make a profit and monetize their services, and small entrepreneurs can launch a business quickly and easily, starting earning funds without long expectation.

The scheme looks as follows: the recognized operator signs an agreement with a new brand, gives the latter its customer base, places the new resource on a popular platform with the target audience, advertises the project on a percentage basis. The project starts working and bringing a profit straight away, sharing a part of the revenue with the basic company.

What benefits a white label solution has:

  • online casino license;
  • game suite;
  • eye-catching and functional website;
  • customer base;
  • assistance in development and promotion;
  • work with affiliate programs.

At the same time, this solution is rather flexible in terms of both the cost and rules of business management. Having gained recognition of customers, the casino can apply for a separate license and work independently in the future. A white label allows reaching the appropriate audience immediately and promoting your brand quickly.

What online casino development
service to choose

Many companies in the gambling market offer turnkey online casino solutions. Each of them has its advantages and peculiarities, which one should take into account upon collaboration. Let us review several companies that provide such solutions and suits of their services.

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Slotegrator. The aggregator supplies software, develops marketing strategies, and promotes the latest services in the market. Founded in 2012, the company has been gradually expanding its list of offerings: now it develops turnkey casinos, Bitcoin casinos, offers betting software, suites of slot machines. It positions itself as a supporter of online projects in the gambling industry.

SoftSwiss. The company provides customers with software and develops customized online gambling solutions. It builds turnkey casinos, helps in licensing, integration of software and payment systems, as well as in other important stages of launching a gambling business. Besides, it ensures high-quality technical support for customers.

Casexe. The company develops full-fledged gambling resources for both the CIS market and the European segment. It uses the white label solution, helping to promote, develop, and grow the revenue of your brand. It offers a possibility to order a Bitcoin casino, as well as a VR casino website.


When you launch an online gambling business, it is important to consider all risk factors. For example, licensing can last for six months and longer, not all providers want to work with unknown casinos, and marketing strategy may bring zero results without the engagement of highly paid professionals. It is possible to avoid risks by purchasing a turnkey online casino solution, which includes license acquisition, software integration, marketing, and reaching the target audience.

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