Gambling via online terminals: that is it like and what advantages does it offer?

Gambling via online terminals: that is it like and what advantages does it offer?

People usually associate the term ‘gambling machine’ with a large apparatus with a monitor, bright design, and a big lever (arm). However, the situation with online terminals is far worse. Let us find out what they are, their types and key pros in gambling.

Online terminal: what is it like?

Online terminals look much similar to small terminals of well-known payment companies that allow you to withdraw and deposit money. They are usually of a bigger size compared to those used in a queue management system but smaller than common ATMs. Such terminals are not equipped with any levers: games are already installed so you can play only using a sensor screen.

Components of online terminals:

  • touchscreen;

  • inbuilt central processing unit;

  • set of pre-installed games;

  • cooling system;

  • card reader and currency detector;

  • antihacker device.

Such apparatuses are often installed at online cafés in entertainment centers. Just like casinos. They take little space, their weight doesn’t surge over 100 kg, and sophisticated versions have additional facilities – ashtrays and mats for drinks. In fact, it’s a compact alternative to common bulky slot machines.

Types of online terminals

Виды интернет-терминалов

Online gambling terminals are divided into several types by their functionality:

  • Floor terminal without buttons. The most popular type of online terminals. No levers apart from a screen and a currency detector.

  • Floor terminal with buttons. This variant is considered to be more sophisticated. It is equipped with a keyboard to make playing experience more user-friendly. A keyboard may have special buttons, not always alphabetical characters.

  • Table terminal. It is a more compact version of a floor terminal: its small size allows to place a device right on the table. Such terminals can frequently be seen at online cafés and gambling venues.

  • Terminal monitor. At first glance, it looks like a usual computer monitor but in fact it is a touchscreen one. This type of terminals is commonly equipped with a barcode reader.

Advantages of online gambling terminals

Constructional features of such devices unveil a range if evident pros that any gambling company may appreciate:

  • Low taxes. Since this is not a slot machine but a terminal, the tax rate for such devices are lower in the majority of countries.

  • Quick connection. In order to start playing on this terminal, it is enough to find a socket and connect it to the Internet.

  • Low price. The price of such devices starts at about 30 thousand RUB while a gambling machine is a lot more expensive.

  • Wide range of games. Unlike slot machines, an online terminal offers many games to any preference.

  • Cheap maintenance. One person with technical training is enough to guarantee flawless operation of terminals.

  • Statistics collection. Online terminals are trained to accumulate data about all games taking into account the number of collected money and payouts.

Gambling process

Gambling process

Before starting playing via an online terminal, one needs to refill the account asking a manager of a gambling venue or following tips given on the screen.

After this procedure, a user chooses a game among offered on a screen. Then, he or she has to place a bet and follow the rules.

A terminal screen has to show all the amount of an available balance. ‘Return to menu’ buttons are also necessary. If an apparatus is not equipped with buttons, a touchscreen can be used to manage a game.

A prize can be taken via a terminal (in case it’s possible) or by a manager of a gambling venue.

Gambling experts note a comparatively cheap price of online terminals and their ability to generate revenue. That is why such devices would spearhead a new business.

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