Chatbots, virtual gamers, and assistants to marketers: how to use AI in gambling

Chatbots, virtual gamers, and assistants to marketers: how to use AI in gambling

iGaming is a high-tech sphere. Its representatives show a warm welcome to emerging technologies. One of such is AI that led to the appearance of new casino types. This article will feature reasons why operators use AI as well as will describe the prospects of its application.

What AI is and why it is used in gambling

AI in gambling

AI drove the following advancements: machine vision, speech synthesis, neural networks, etc. In fact, all of them are a source code managed by a clearly defined algorithm. It is also capable of Big Data processing.

Neural networks are the most popular tool for gambling. They caused a stir in 2017 when AI called Libratus defeated all human competitors in a 20-day poker tournament. By the way, due to a nonlinear strategy and bluff, poker is considered to be one of the most complicated games for AI. That is why Libratus became a sort of a breakthrough.

Neural networks are now even more sophisticated and can be full-fledged competitors to live players. DeepStack AI network is popular in this industry. During the test, it had 40 thousand games against 30 members of the International Federation of Match Poker. On completion of the tournaments, AI’s success rate was 492 mbb/g. By the way, 100 mbb/g is a very good result even for experienced players.

Apart from a virtual game, AI in gambling can as well be used for:

  • Big Data analysis;

  • marketing strategies;

  • economy.

Let us have a closer look at the abovementioned application spheres.

Neural networks as assistants in analysis and prognostics

Neural networks in gambling

Artificial intelligence can carry our analysis of client database in a couple of seconds and predict user behavior. It will provide player characteristics and bonuses to offer them to influence their decision.

In 2018, BtoBet company presented an innovative platform of this kind. Artificial intelligence was trained to detect players’ mood to come up with relevant special offers and bonuses.

The system analyzes and reacts to player behavioral characteristics in social networks, mobile apps, search queries, etc. Thus, AI predicts anticipations while the platform can recognize and fulfill the wishes of the most demanding online casino attendees.

Chatbots as intermediaries in customer support

Chatbots in gambling

The more a company is, the more time and money it spends on customer support. Chatbots may come in handy to cut on such expenses. If a company has a call center, virtual assistants can replace its staff. They work 24/7 with no breaks and weekends.

In early 2016, Facebook and Telegram announced special chatbots aimed at the simplification of certain functions. In fact, Facebook is currently in the process of the chatbot introduction while Telegram has already released the second version.

There emerged a lot of Telegram casinos with intermediary chatbots. When a game is launched, they send a request for an online casino. The platform processes it and provides results to be sent to a user by a chatbot. All in all, a gamer gets easy access to a casino while an operator makes profit.

Legal terms should be taken into consideration: only 18+ players may get access to Telegram bots.

Economy with virtual operators

virtual operators in gambling

Chatbots not only offer convenient user experience but also help reduce expenses on a large team. For example, Yandex calculates that the virtual operator Alice helped save about 27 thousand rubles to its users within a month.

A Founder of the bookmaker Odds1x2 Assaf Stieglitz also confirmed that chatbots and virtual operators help companies reduce staff expenses. He advises to park this money in business development: create attractive bonus programs and launch new games more often.

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